Pizza Hut Tapes Note To Box Begging For Perfect Survey Scores

Filling out customer service surveys is scary. If some managers are to be believed, giving any score but an 11 out of 10 is effectively stealing food out of the mouths of employees’ families. Getting impossibly perfect stores is so important for some stores that they’ve resorted to bribing customers with coupons or freebies. That’s the case with Jared’s local Pizza Hut, which taped a note begging for perfect scores to his pizza box.



“Is Pizza Hut begging for 5 stars?” Jared asked when he sent us this picture using our Tipster mobile app (available for iOS and and Android.) Yes, pretty much. These surveys have been serious business in car dealerships for a long time, with dealerships telling customers who give bad feedback that they’re no longer welcome, offering free services, or using good old-fashioned guilt. A few pizza coupons here and there are a teeny bribe in comparison.

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