Bid Adieu To Chicken Selects As McDonald’s Makes Room On The Menu For Newer Items

If you’re a huge fan of McDonald’s Chicken Selects, you know, for when the four different shapes of McNuggets just won’t do, get your fill now while you can. The chain is cutting a few menu items, ostensibly to make way for newer fare it wants to roll out soon, like perhaps those wings we’ve heard about.

The apple walnut salad is also getting axed, and McDonald’s is reviewing options for its Angus Third Pounder as well, a spokeswoman confirmed. So much carnage.

The menu changes can likely be chalked up to Mickey D’s quest to push new spring and summer products, notes the Chicago Tribune. Wings could be one of those new items, as well as a McWrap sandwich with choice of grilled or fried chicken.

One McDonald’s franchise reportedly tweeted about the menu decision earlier this week and also posted it on Facebook, but those pages have since been removed. The franchisee apparently wrote:  “Sorry if one of these were your favorite … They just did not sell well enough nationally.”

Farewell, old friends. May you go to that big stomach in the sky.

McDonald’s cutting items from its menu [Chicago Tribune]

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