Science Says Whiskey Tastes Better With A Little Water — Here’s Why

For many whiskey connoisseurs, enjoying their favorite brown alcohol any other way than neat is bordering on sacrilegious. But according to science, a bit of water makes the libation taste even better. [More]

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Guinness Opening Its First U.S. Brewery In 60 Years

The Guinness brewery in Ireland is a popular tourist destination for American fans of the dark brew, as it’s been 63 years since Guinness made any beer stateside. That will soon change. [More]

Jack Daniel’s Now Sells Whiskey-Flavored Coffee

Jack Daniel’s Now Sells Whiskey-Flavored Coffee

There are all kinds of flavors of coffee out there: vanilla, caramel, peppermint, the list is fairly extensive. Now, customers will have another option: whiskey. [More]


Striking Jim Beam Workers Accept New Contract

If you were worried that a walkout at two Jim Beam distilleries in Kentucky was going to threaten supplies of whiskey, rest easy: striking workers voted today to accept a new contract from parent company Beam Suntory. [More]


Could A Strike At Jim Beam Distilleries Mean A Whiskey Shortage?

More than 200 union workers went on strike over the weekend at two Jim Beam distilleries in Kentucky after voting to reject the most recent contract offer from the world’s top bourbon producer. Does that mean we could see a shortage of the stuff in the future? [More]


Pennsylvania Holding A Liquor Lottery To Sell Rare Booze

When it comes to rare alcohol, Pennsylvania is trying to make sure anyone who wants to buy their favorite limited-quantity wines and spirits has a fair shot: the state’s Liquor Control Board is going to host a lottery this month to give drinkers a chance to get their hands on products that are hard to come by. [More]

Judge Dismisses Jim Beam False Advertising Lawsuit Over “Handcrafted” Label

Judge Dismisses Jim Beam False Advertising Lawsuit Over “Handcrafted” Label

A lawsuit that claimed Jim Beam’s “handcrafted” description was all a lie has been dismissed by a federal judge in California, noting that the use of stills is common in the industry, and that customers understand the whiskey is made using some machines. [More]


Kentucky Authorities Say They’ve Busted A Criminal Whiskey Syndicate

Officials in the bourbon basin* say they’ve put all the pieces of a puzzling disappearing whiskey caper together, announcing the arrest of a group accused of orchestrating liquor thefts at two famous Kentucky distilleries. [More]


Parent Company Of Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff Will Include Nutritional Info On Beverage Labels

We know that the thought at the forefront of your mind while downing a shot of whiskey is “How many calories are in this?” It’ll be a lot easier to figure out now when drinking brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff and Baileys, as parent company Diageo announced today it’ll include nutritional information on its products’ labels. [More]


Lawsuit Against Jim Beam Challenges Bourbon’s “Handcrafted” Claim

When it comes to making a name for a brand, the words companies use to describe their products are chosen very carefully for maximum appeal. But the thing is, those words have to be true. Jim Beam is the latest liquor maker to face challenges over its claims that its bourbon is actually “handcrafted.” [More]


Lazy Trendsters Can Take The Easy Way With Tweed Jacket Already Imbued With The Scent Of Whiskey

Picture yourself in a tweed jacket. Are you leaning against a shelf, sipping whiskey and quoting that line from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy about having “many leather-bound books” and how your apartment smells of “rich mahogany”? Are you also very lazy? Boy, someone out there’s got you pegged. [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Templeton Rye Misled Drinkers Into Thinking It’s A Bootlegger’s Whiskey

I’ve seen enough of Boardwalk Empire to know that [spoiler alert] bootleggers in the Prohibition era liked their booze. So of course, tying in a modern day whiskey brand to guys like Al Capone, who had a taste for whiskey made in Templeton, Iowa, as legend would have it, seems like a smooth move. But a lawsuit filed against Templeton Rye says the whiskey company violated consumer protection laws and misled drinkers by tying in its booze to the town, as it’s actually distilled in Indiana. [More]


Iowa Distillery Is Breeding Special Pigs With A Hint Of Whiskey Flavor

All you need to do in the food business to create buzz? Take one beloved item (bourbon) and add it to another (bacon) and voila, the world will fall at your feet, sliding in a puddle of its own drool. A distillery here in the U.S. is trying to do just that by breeding special, whiskey-flavored pigs. [More]

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Moonshine Task Force Going After Alabama Bootleggers Like It’s 1924

At first you might think you’ve fallen asleep watching Boardwalk Empire yet again (which reminds me, Steve Buscemi is really nice when he shows up in your dreams) upon hearing that not only is bootlegging whiskey a living, viable business in modern times, but that there’s a special Moonshine Task Force ins states like Alabama designed to go after anyone making and selling illegal hooch. [More]

There Is Now Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels Because OMG, Sriracha

There Is Now Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels Because OMG, Sriracha

When you’ve got one thing that everyone and your neighbor’s cat goes crazy for (sriracha! On everything!) and combine it with another trendy thing (whiskey!) of course there’s an opening for a new product that will hopefully get everyone from those bandwagons to hop on one big wagon together. Thus, sriracha aged in whiskey barrels. [More]

Jack Daniels Whiskey Chocolate Bars Are A Thing

Jack Daniels Whiskey Chocolate Bars Are A Thing

The world is still full of magical surprises: today we learned that Jack Daniels-branded whiskey-filled chocolates are a thing. They’re made by Swiss chocolatier Goldkenn, and the worst things that any Amazon reviewers can say about them are that they’re “not for everyone” and that they melted in transit during some unseasonably hot weather. [Foodbeast] [More]


Man Blinded By Drinking Vodka Regains His Sight After Doctors Administer A Dose Of Whiskey

We’ve all heard of the phrase “blacked out” in relation to drinking alcohol. While that frat bro talking too loudly about his weekend in the coffee shop might be throwing out the phrase to indicate an unhealthy amount of booze consumed, in the case of one man who had a little bit of vodka, the liquor actually made him lose his eyesight. At first, doctors were stumped. Then they came to the rescue with a very odd prescription. More booze! [More]

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Scourge Of Drunken Toddlers In Chain Restaurants Spreads To The UK

Here at the Consumerist, we’ve been at the forefront of reporting on incidents where chain restaurant personnel accidentally servem alcoholic beverages to very small children. We’re sad to note that the phenomenon has crossed the Atlantic. A mother in Wales was out for lunch to celebrate her son’s second birthday when she noticed that her toddler was making faces while drinking his juice. She took a sip herself, and found that the child had been drinking whiskey instead of his usual lime juice and water. A double, it seemed. They took him to the hospital for observation. [More]