Bloomberg Comes Out Against Boston & Chicago Mayors’ Anti-Chick-Fil-A Messages

While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a supporter of same-sex marriage, he says he disagrees with the way some of his fellow mayors have responded to the ongoing Chick fil-A controversy.

Both Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel have been very vocal in opposing the opening of Chick fil-A restaurants in their cities after the fast food chain’s president’s recent remarks against same-sex marriage.

However, Bloomberg said this morning that it’s none of “the government’s business” what some fast food executive’s beliefs may be.

“You can’t have a test for what the owners’ personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city,” explained Bloomberg. “You really don’t want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit, that’s just not government’s job.”

The NYC mayor’s remarks mirror those expressed by the ACLU in response to statements made by Menino and Emanuel that seemed to imply Chick fil-A would not be permitted to open new eateries within their city’s limits.

“This is just a bad idea, and it’s not going to happen in New York City,” said Bloomberg.

Of course, it’s worth noting that there is currently only one Chick fil-A in all of New York City and it’s hidden away on the New York University campus.

Bloomberg: No Chick-fil-A Ban in New York []

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