We Don’t Know How To Hold This KFC Streetwise Cheese Top Burger But We’d Like To Try

Ah, to be able to instantly teleport anywhere in the world. We’d be asking Scotty to beam us on over to the Philippines right about now, to have a face-to-face meeting with KFC’s new “Streetwise” burger it’s peddling there. Looks like a normal chicken burger, no? But wait, what’s that orange blanket atop the bun?

Why… it’s melted cheese, of course, and who doesn’t like cheese? Should it matter if eating it with your hands becomes nigh on impossible or at the very least, an absolutely greasy experience? No. If you are near one of these, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to attempt to eat it sans utensils.

The Streetwise Cheese Top burger is featured on KFC Philippines’ Facebook page, and was spotted by an eagle-eyed Consumerist reader. The actual patty is Original Recipe chicken with a garlic parmesan sauce, according to KFC. But all that really matters here is we know cheese when we see it, and we’re intrigued.

KFC Philippines [Facebook]

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