Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Star Wars Sandtroopers, Free Games, Windows Vista

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart have been busy since April, finding the oldest and obsoletest items on the shelves at Walmart. No old cameras this time, but plenty of (now) free games, old memory, and not-quite-vintage action figures. Almost as if our readers are experts in that sort of thing.

Kain noticed a copy of DC Universe Online on the shelves at an Illinois Walmart. No matter how much they charge for this box, the game is now free to download and play. “Funny part is [they] doesn’t even have a spot for it,” he writes, “so they use it to fill in empty spots.”


Andrew snapped this picture of Windows Vista and Office 2007 for sale at full original price. Sure, there are people out there with older computers who might need them, but does anyone, anywhere, really need Vista?


Justin found some old Star Wars figurines on the shelves of the toy department. How old? Well, not “actually worth anything” old, but more “most of the Consumerist staff was still in high school” old.

I was looking in the Star Wars section at
Walmart, when this figure caught my eye. I thought to myself, “Wow!
They’re doing a series of reissues that look like the 90s style of
figures! How cool!”

But then I looked around, and realized this was the only figure they
had of this style. I flipped it over, and saw the copyright date on
the package was 1996, and it was released by Kenner (a brand which
Hasbro no longer uses).

So the way I see it, this figure has been lost in Walmart’s stock room
for 15 or 16 years! It’s fun to picture some Toy Story-esque world,
and wonder what adventure it’s been through. But really, it was
probably sitting behind a shelf the whole time.

I took it to a price scanner to see what it rang up as. The original
barcode had been covered up with a sticker that had a new one. It rang
up as a current Darth Sidious figure, for $9.

It was very tempting to buy, but $9 was too much. I could get it on
eBay, or probably even the old action figure store, for less… And on
top of that, I already have the figure anyway! But it was quite the


Kraig found these PlayStation 2 memory cards for sale and submitted them for consideration in this section. What do the gamers here in the Hive Mind think: something customers might genuinely need for an older system, or retail antiquity? (Don’t ask me; I still can’t part with my NES.)


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