Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Star Wars Sandtroopers, Free Games, Windows Vista

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart have been busy since April, finding the oldest and obsoletest items on the shelves at Walmart. No old cameras this time, but plenty of (now) free games, old memory, and not-quite-vintage action figures. Almost as if our readers are experts in that sort of thing.

Kain noticed a copy of DC Universe Online on the shelves at an Illinois Walmart. No matter how much they charge for this box, the game is now free to download and play. “Funny part is [they] doesn’t even have a spot for it,” he writes, “so they use it to fill in empty spots.”


Andrew snapped this picture of Windows Vista and Office 2007 for sale at full original price. Sure, there are people out there with older computers who might need them, but does anyone, anywhere, really need Vista?


Justin found some old Star Wars figurines on the shelves of the toy department. How old? Well, not “actually worth anything” old, but more “most of the Consumerist staff was still in high school” old.

I was looking in the Star Wars section at
Walmart, when this figure caught my eye. I thought to myself, “Wow!
They’re doing a series of reissues that look like the 90s style of
figures! How cool!”

But then I looked around, and realized this was the only figure they
had of this style. I flipped it over, and saw the copyright date on
the package was 1996, and it was released by Kenner (a brand which
Hasbro no longer uses).

So the way I see it, this figure has been lost in Walmart’s stock room
for 15 or 16 years! It’s fun to picture some Toy Story-esque world,
and wonder what adventure it’s been through. But really, it was
probably sitting behind a shelf the whole time.

I took it to a price scanner to see what it rang up as. The original
barcode had been covered up with a sticker that had a new one. It rang
up as a current Darth Sidious figure, for $9.

It was very tempting to buy, but $9 was too much. I could get it on
eBay, or probably even the old action figure store, for less… And on
top of that, I already have the figure anyway! But it was quite the


Kraig found these PlayStation 2 memory cards for sale and submitted them for consideration in this section. What do the gamers here in the Hive Mind think: something customers might genuinely need for an older system, or retail antiquity? (Don’t ask me; I still can’t part with my NES.)


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  1. Power Imbalance says:

    I’m really trying to care.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    Maybe they can sell single pairs of socks to try and
    match the ones I’ve “lost” over the years in my drier.

    • baineschile says:

      a single pair……

      • Blueskylaw says:

        If I buy two separate socks, then I will have a single pair. If I buy a pair of singles, then I will still have two socks. If Coffee can spell matrices, which is the plural of matrix, then I want to win this war on proper grammar even if I’m wrong.

    • RandomLetters says:

      I know whats happening to your socks. As the clothes in your dryer tunble around they gain a static charge. This rotating electrical energy opens up a wormhole. This wormhole is just big enough, and lasts just long enough, to have a sock fall through it. I am currently seeking funding to build a gigantic dryer to replicate this on a larger scale. I envision a future where all long distance travel is between interconnected dryer wormholes… maybe even out amoungst the stars!

      On a side note I currently suspect that these uncontrolled wormholes are dumping socks onto an alien planet and that the alien race there has developed an economy based around them

      • Blueskylaw says:

        I can see taking a giant wormhole, putting it in a drier, chopping it up into smaller wormholes, putting a string on them and then selling it as pet wormholes © ® ™

      • Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

        You can always got to Kickstart…I’m sure someone will help fund your research into this mystery. They may even feature it on “Fact or Faked” or even better yet…maybe it will become a major story on the news.

  3. thefranchise2 says:

    If the Star Wars figures are ringing up, they are probably returns. I’ve seen this happen before with older collectable toys. If the UPC is still in the system, Walmart will give them a refund. That way they get more money back than they would trying to sell the toys themselves.

    • bhr says:

      Back in my brief retail foray I worked for a company with a No Questions Asked return policy (that they dumped soon after). Every once in a while we would get unword sports merchandise for return (no receipt) and the customer would demand current price, even when the item they tried to return was a couple seasons old.

      At end of season we marked stuff way down. I believed that people were stocking up on items really cheap and waiting until the next season (or longer) to return.

    • HomerSimpson says:

      That crap happens with stuff like Hot Wheels (cars) A LOT when Ebay sellers and flea market dealers can’t sell them. Probably can find some 10-year old stuff around here right now.

  4. JasonK314 says:

    DC Universe Online is NOT free to play. There is a free to play version available now that lets you play about 0.1% of the game for free while constantly bombarding you with onscreen prompts trying to get you to purchase the full game. If you want to actual game, you still have to buy it. There is no reason for Walmart or any other retailer to stop selling the disc. That one doesn’t really belong in this article.

    Also, the Sandtrooper figure sells for about $16-24 plus shipping on ebay so $9 retail is actually a pretty good deal.

    • 8bithero says:

      “DC Universe Online is NOT free to play”

      It’s still completely, 100% free to download. The money you pay is for the monthly subscription, not to purchase the game. It’s called “free-mium”.

      Doesn’t matter though…nobody plays it anyway.

    • JamesBenjamin says:

      No, it doesn’t:

      Toy collectors see this fairly often. Some shmuck has taken the barcode from a new figure and glued (or sometimes they print them out as stickers) the barcode over the old one to return it for full credit. Similar to the CEO lego theif guy who was putting new barcodes of cheap lego sets on expensive ones to buy them at lower prices and got busted a few months back.

  5. Here to ruin your groove says:

    They’re called dolls.

  6. jsweitz says:

    I actually still see PS2 memory cards at most big box stores.

    While we’re at it, I’m going to send Consumerist pictures of the D cell duracells that EXPIRED in 2011 I saw at Kmart. If you’ve ever paid attention to battery expiration dates, they are always many years in the future. These caught my eye on the shelf because of the horribly yellowed packaging.

    • CTrees says:

      They still sell the PS2 (reasonable, considering any PS3s past the initial crop lack backwards compatibility), so I don’t see why the memory cards for the thing are that out of place.

      • Demoliiton Man says:

        Yeah I could see a big deal being made out of say Sega Dreamcast stuff being found. But seeing that people are still buying PS2 stuff and games are still being made then it makes sense for Wal-Mart to carry the PS2 stuff. Kind of crazy when you think about it that the PS2 is still this strong when Nintendo already has their next system coming out and I’m assuming we’re within another year or two away from the next Micosoft and Sony systems.

  7. Mr. zip says:

    Surprised Microsoft isn’t unhappy with them. Back when I worked retail, when Microsoft released something new, all the old was shipped right back to them pronto. Usually got the impression that once something new came along, they made sure no one in the retail channel was selling old versions. No matter how many people were upset we didn’t have Office 2003 even after 2010 came out.

    • HangFire says:

      Microsoft announced VIsa EOL retail sales was October 22, 2010 and end of manufacture pre-install to be October 22, 2011. In addition end of “mainstream” support was April 10, 2012, though the update servers will be up until April 11, 2017, and there may be a few critical security updates in the interim. Maybe.

      I’m pretty sure the Vista Ultimate product should have been pulled from the shelves, and they are in violation of their reseller agreement.

  8. DoraAreGames says:

    The Playstation 2 is still alive and kicking in that there are so many games for it, tons of people still buy and sell it. The memory cards there are overpriced, since you can probably pick them up for ten bucks at a game store, but not obsolete.

    • Captain Spock says:

      indeed, newer games are still released at a lower resolution for the PS2

    • This Dude Abides says:

      I’ve been picking up used first-party PS2 memory cards recently for as low as $2-3 bucks (I’m a game collector and I have a LOT of PS2 games) at thrifts, game expos, and the like. The only risk with buying used is acquiring a card that has a chunk of corrupted data that can’t be deleted (however, reformatting the card with a cheat device will get rid of it… just make sure to copy any save files you care about to another card).

    • Gardius says:

      Just the other day, I bought “Mercenaries” and “Rachet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal” for $1.99ea at an independent used game store. I got my PS2 after the PS3 was released, so my entire PS2 collection (about 40 games) has probably cost me around $150 before taxes,

  9. psm321 says:

    I managed to get a clearanced game genie for my NES at kmart some time in the late 90s (well after you could no longer find that sort of thing in stores)

  10. jayphat says:

    Walmart, this is what happens when you let managers have sole discretion when it comes to markdowns of discontinued merchandise. Every Walmart has an aisle filled with crap like this so its not an isolated incident.

  11. Zelgadis says:

    If they aren’t still making PS2 games, they only stopped recently. Being one of the best-selling consoles of all time makes it still profitable for game makers.

  12. gargunkle says:

    As much as it boggles me, isn’t the PS2 still sold new in stores and they still make new games for it?

  13. Schildkrote says:

    I guess the Grocery Shrink Ray must be in the shop today. Gotta bump that post count up somehow!

  14. motoh says:

    This is actually handy in their horrible collectibles section, as you can find old Magic: The Gathering sets very easily and often cheaply, well past their printing run.

  15. DJ Charlie says:

    The local Wal-Mart is STILL trying to sell Tabula Rasa (servers were shut down in February, 2009) for $49.98

  16. blogger X says:

    Up unitl two years ago, my college was giving out Office Home and Student 2003 to students for free. Now they’re giving out the 2007 version.

  17. Claybird says:

    The regional Meijers is like this, stuff from 5 years ago still being sold at full price!

  18. IraAntelope says:

    NO one needs windows vista! Mine zonked out, and I spent about 12 hours on my phone with 2 or 3 microsoft techs before I got back. I suggested it would cost them less if they gave me a program that actually worked, like window 7. He said: “Oh yes, I can give you Win7 for $120.” A little language barrier there…

  19. E. Zachary Knight says:

    The PS2 memory cards are still a needed accessory for many gamers. However, the price is woefully over priced. You can buy used ones for $5 at most game stores (these are the Sony brand).

  20. krom says:

    Someone could still potentially need those PS2 memory cards, since nothing else is compatible with PS2. OTOH, those cards are not compatible with anything other than PS2, either.

    Someone who, say, bought a used PS2 at a yard sale for fun who doesn’t really follow the console wars but just wants something fun to play, would probably want some memory cards to save games. Or for a poor kid who can’t really afford an XBOX360 or a PS3.

    Of course, you can also buy used PS2 memory cards for dirt cheap, sometimes at thrift stores. No way they should still be $20 a piece. That would be like selling ZIP100 disks (once the dollar coin of the geek economy) for $20 apiece.

  21. gman863 says:

    What’s ironic is that – if it were an old copy of XP – people might actually buy it. Even now, there are thousands of business software programs that won’t run on Vista or 7.