Canadian Scientists: Actually, Mountain Dew Can't Dissolve A Mouse

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has an important message for the soda pop-buying public: PepsiCo’s claim that Mountain Dew can’t dissolve a whole mouse into a “jelly-like substance” seems unlikely to them. A rodent in a small container of soft drink is going to decompose, not dissolve. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

A food science professor tells the CBC that the only plausible scenario would be if the mouse had spent some time sloshing around in a large vat of Mountain Dew for an extended period before being confined to the can.

“I could see it if the mouse was in a gigantic vat and had been there for a significant amount of time — with the amount of acids that are in there, over a longer amount of time, and because of course they would be flushing the tanks all the time with new acids, there is the possibility of [disintegration],” he says.

Precedent backs this up. In recent incidents, a mouse in an energy drink can and a toad in a Diet Pepsi can have reached consumers.

No easy way to dissolve mouse in Mountain Dew [CBC] (Thanks, anti!)

Pepsi: Mountain Dew Can Dissolve A Mouse

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