Early Bird Gets The Discount Halloween Candy Worm

The best time to stock up on Halloween candy is today, the day right after Halloween. But you better get to the store early if you want to snag the best deals, and the best candy, before they get looted by everyone else.

Columnist “Simon Says” at Mlive writes he went by the Meijer in Kalamazoo and saw Halloween candy for 50% off. The savings are even steeper for Halloween costumes and decorations: 75% off. For instance,a 14-inch Funkin — a fake, carvable pumpkin — which normally goes for $14.99 could be had for a mere $3.74.

But discount Halloween candy is hardly a state secret, and the shelves are likely to be plundered in short order.

If you want your candy to keep, just put it in a big Ziplock in the freezer. It’ll be good for another year. You can also use the candy to for Christmas baking and desserts. Here’s a few ideas on reusing Halloween candy.

After Halloween sales can save you up to 75% on Halloween merchandise, decorations and more [mlive]

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