Guy Dresses As 12-Foot CVS Receipt, Redeems Costume’s Discount Code At Actual CVS

Image courtesy of Jeremy Schneider

We’ve seen creative consumers poking fun at CVS for its infamously long receipts in the past, but one Halloween reveler took the idea a bit more literally by dressing as a giant CVS sales slip, complete with working discount code.

To make the costume, he scanned an actual CVS receipt for a single pack of Altoids into Photoshop, divided it into 42 pieces, printed each one out and glued them to cardboard, and taped it all together with yard sticks, The Daily Dot notes.

“So for Halloween I dressed as a 12-foot CVS receipt, and I’m about to walk into CVS to see what their reaction is, and see if they’ll take my CVS bucks here,” he explains in his YouTube video.

He walks in and immediately begins delighting people, including staffers, and fielding photo requests.

“Do you take gigantic coupons?” he asks one worker, who laughs and replies, “That is awesome.”

He finally approaches the checkout with a few bags of candy, asking, “Can you scan my CVS bucks?”

“Oh my gosh, does that work? Can I try it?” the cashier replies, laughing happily when it works — and ultimately leaves him with yet another overly long receipt.

Here’s a photo of the costume in all its glory:

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