Managing The So-Called Battery Life Of Your iPhone 4S

Right out of the gate, the iPhone 4S has developed a reputation for a battery that wastes away quicker than a Kardashian marriage. We’ve yet to see any decisive testing that proves the phenomenon, but hearsay says this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Until if and when Apple rolls out some sort of fix to satisfy customers, they are forced to manage.

Thankfully, the internet abounds with answers. PCWorld offers a plethora of tips, including switching off the phone’s Location Services function that automatically searches for its time zone. To disable the possibly power-sucking feature, open the Settings app, then navigate through Location Services, followed by System Services and finally Setting Time Zone.

International Business Times recommends keeping the brightness settings on auto-adjust rather than maximum brightness, as well as switching off the vibrate and Bluetooth functionality, while Susanta advises shutting down iCloud functionality, figuring that the phone’s attempts to sync content with the mothership saps your battery.

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