Police: Alleged Shoplifter Stuffed Beef Down His Pants

What probably started as a normal day at a South Carolina grocery store ended with action and intrigue after employees noticed a man leaving the store with several packages of tenderloin stuffed down his pants. According to the police report, a manager confronted the man in the parking lot, reaching inside his waistband and pulling out a tenderloin. And then things got interesting.

The following chain of events is from the manager’s account as given to police.

  • The alleged shoplifter insisted that he only had the one package of meat.
  • He then threw several more packages of tenderloins on the ground and attempted to flee in his car.
  • His car wouldn’t start.
  • He tried to put the car in neutral and push it.
  • The stalled car almost ran over another grocery store manager. This manager put a hole in one of the tires.
  • The alleged shoplifter ran away, with a manager following him in a car.
  • He was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting.
  • He was taken to the hospital for chest pains while in police custody.

The police report apparently did not mention the ultimate fate of the steaks.

Deputies: Man Stuffed Stolen Meat Down His Pants [WYFF] (There’s a mug shot.)

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