Sony CEO: Company Was Not Slow To Notify Users Of Data Breach

Sony CEO Howard Stringer lashed out at those who complained that the company waited too long to notify customers of its PlayStation Network data breach.

In an interview with Reuters, he says the week it took to let users know that their data had been swiped by hackers was an acceptable delay:

“This was an unprecedented situation. Most of these breaches go unreported by companies. 43% notify victims within a month. We reported in a week. You’re telling me my week wasn’t fast enough?”

Got all that, PlayStation Network users? You were lucky to hear about the data breach at all. So count your blessings, as well as the weeks it takes companies other than Sony to tell you about data breaches.

Sarcasm aside, do you think Sony’s response to the breach was acceptable?

Sony defends response time to hacker breach [Reuters via Destructoid]

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