FTD Sends Your Mom More Craptacular Flowers Than Expected

It’s not that we expect miracles from florists on major dead-plant-giving holidays. But the least we can expect is for the recipient–presumably, someone we give a crap about–to receive the item that we chose and paid for. Sarah’s mom’s birthday was the day before Mother’s Day this year, so she decided to use a LivingSocial coupon and order up some beautiful flowers to honor both occasions.

For Mothers Day (may 8)/my moms birthday (may 7), I decided to have flowers sent to her in [redacted]. Since I live in PA I decided to be lazy and just go through FTD.com instead of researching local florists. Anyway, Living Social had a $15 for $35 thing, so I bought that.

It turns out when you get down to it, nothing half decent is under $49.99. So I went for the $59.99 “better” New Dream Bouquet. Boasting an alleged 22 stems.


Imagine my chagrin when my mother texted me her thank you and included a pic of a supremely crappy looking bouquet. I asked her to take a better pic, the tape measure was her idea.

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Needless to say, I am pissed and have learned my lesson. The shipping and handling on this thing came out to $21. So all together, including the $15 price of the coupon, these craptacular flowers were $60.98. I would have been $80.98 without the coupon. Which some how doesn’t make sense to me. I dunno…

I wrote to FTD on Monday the 8th and here it’s now Saturday the 14th with no reply. Well, I did get an automated message saying they would try to get back to me in 24 hours. So that is that. Hope someone can learn from my mistake.

In the future I’ll be doing a google search for florists in the area and then cross referencing with Yelp.

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