You Get Free Birth Control In Maryland If You Happen To Be A Deer

Some frisky deer in Maryland now have the opportunity to get it on without concern of possible parenthood, thanks to a state directive to provide contraception to the animals in order to keep the population under control.

WBAL Baltimore reports the birth control, developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, will work for a year per dose and cost $1,000 per deer.

The director of the state’s Wildlife and Heritage Service downplays the frequency at which the baby Bambicide will be used:

“We feel good about being the first jurisdiction to approve its use. It shows we have an open mind, but is not a magic bullet for deer control. It is an option in very limited circumstances and will have virtually no consequence in terms of day-to-day deer management and deer hunting. It won’t be used in 98 percent of the state.”

Select deer will be tranquilized and captured, then injected with the contraceptive, which is believed to be 80 percent effective.

Maryland First State To Use Deer Birth Control [WBAL Baltimore with the AP via Fark]

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