Arby’s Has Just Enough Venison Left To Bring Sandwich To Nebraska For 1 Day

Image courtesy of arby's

During hunting season this fall, Arby’s introduced a lean red meat that doesn’t normally make the lineup at fast food restaurants: it sold venison steak sandwiches in a few locations in states where deer hunting is popular. After that limited-time offering, the chain apparently has just enough venison left to serve the sandwich for one day in Nebraska.

Why Nebraska? In its announcement of the re-introduction of the sandwich, Arby’s noted that people in that state apparently love the idea of fast-food deer steak, and clamored for it on social media. If anyone was going to get the remaining sandwiches, it should be the people who gave the dish free publicity, right?

Nebraska is apparently a popular state for hunting and eating venison, too. “Hunters hunt the meats, and we have the meats, so it makes sense for us to connect with them and offer a sandwich that they can’t get at any other restaurant chain,” the chain’s chief marketing officer and brand president said when the first venison sandwich run was announced in the fall.

Anyway, if you’re in or near Nebraska, here’s where you’ll be able to find the sandwich, which features juniper berry sauce and crispy onion strings.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
5540 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68510

Thursday, January 19, 2017
13610 W Maple Rd.
Omaha, NE 68164

[via Brand Eating]

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