Debt Collector Evaporates At First Sign Of Resistance

Ryan shares with us his consumer kicking booty story of how he got a debt collector to run off with their tail between their legs. It sounded like an amazing deal. He got a letter from a debt collector telling him that they represented AT&T and would cut him a special break and settle for only $69.30 instead of $693.30. Wowzers! Problem was, he didn’t owe AT&T any money at all.

Remembering that we write about these shenanigans a lot, Ryan searched Consumerist and found a post, “Sample Letter For Disputing A Debt Collection Notice.”

He reformatted the sample letter to fit his situation and mailed it by certified mail. A few weeks later, his “new friends” at the collection agency wrote back:

“Regarding your previous request, we have attempted to obtain the information you requested. Unfortunately, the creditor has been unable to provide us with that information. Accordingly, we are closing our file in this matter.”

“Thanks to The Consumerist, I was able to fight back and win,” writes Ryan. “Chalk one up for the little guy!!! I appreciate everything you guys are doing, keep it up.”

Don’t get freaked out by a collection notice. Keep a cool head and always make them prove that they own the debt that they say you owe.

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