the juice is loose

Photos from the lawsuit: On the left, a worker fills a jug with blue juice using a hose that should be hooked into the bottom of the plane; Right, a worker dumps blue juice in an airplane lavatory.

Lawsuit Claims American Airlines Workers Use Water Cooler Jugs To Ferry “Blue Juice” To Airplane Toilets

Anyone who’s ever been in an airplane lavatory has probably noticed that the water in the toilet often isn’t clear — it’s blue, because of a cleaning chemical airlines use to keep the facilities as fresh as possible for the large numbers of travelers who will pass through the bathroom during a flight. But a new lawsuit claims American Airlines isn’t servicing its toilets properly at Philadelphia International Airport, and instead of fixing a valve used to pump cleaning chemicals into airplane toilets, it has workers allegedly carting around water cooler jugs filled with the so-called “blue juice.” [More]

Jamba Juice To McD: Suck On Our Cheeseburger Smoothies

Jamba Juice To McD: Suck On Our Cheeseburger Smoothies

To fight back at McDonald’s jumping in on its smoothie game, Jamba Juice has launched a new line of “Cheeseburger Chill Smoothies.” [More]