Chuck E. Cheese's Accused Of Turning Kids Into Gamblers

According to a potential class action suit filed by a San Diego mom, kiddie-themed pizza chain Chuck E. Cheese’s is a gambling parlor disguised as a venue for innocent entertainment.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the suit targets seemingly skill-based games that take tokens and spit out tickets. She says the games are closer to chance-based games such as slot machines, and that they “create the same highs and lows experienced by adults who gamble their paychecks or the mortgage payment.”

The woman filing the suit is asking for a jury trial and $5 million in damages and restitution.

According to the story, Chuck E. Cheese’s has argued that its machines are not illegal, and that even if they are, the woman has no right to receive damages because she’s allowed her kids to play the games in question, making her an admitted participant in the activity she’s questioning.

Chuck E. Cheese’s sued for tot ‘slots’ [The San Diego Union-Tribune via AOL]

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