Creative Ways To Put Your Leftover Easter Candy To Good Use

If you haven’t already deprived every Easter basket in sight of its jelly beans, Peeps and chocolate eggs and find yourself needing a way to get rid of the sugary temptations beyond foisting it off on your coworkers (who will claim they’re all on diets and you are ruining said diets) there is hope.

Our adorable and clever Consumer Reports siblings over at ShopSmart mag know you need to get the candy out of reach of your grasping and greedy hands. Some of these solutions might require you to ingest these treats to make them disappear, but at least you can do it in a more dignified way than handfuls shoved into your piehole.

Peeps S’mores: Now that we all know the history of these Easter favorite marshmallow bits of smushy delight, why not add chocolate and graham crackers to change things up a bit?

Chop your chocolate: Hack that bunny to pieces and drop those eggs into cookies for baking, top desserts or melt them onto ice cream. Still delicious, but different!

Freeze it: If you can’t gorge any more, put it all in a freezer-safe bag and stash it away until you are in dire need of dessert.

Give it to your dentist: This is one we’ve never heard of — some dentists have a candy buy-back program where they will pay your kids money to bring in their uneaten tooth decaying delights. It’s common at Halloween but you might as well ask at Easter, what with those dozen Cadbury eggs staring you down every time you pass them on your way to the celery you don’t want to eat.

If you have any other bright ideas, feel free to share in the comments!

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