Seasonal Bags Of Dove Chocolate Recalled Due To Surprise Snickers, Allergy Concerns

dove_frontFood allergies can be a life-threatening condition, which is why the maker of Dove candies has recalled a winter-themed assortment of chocolates available only from one nationwide food retailer and distributed to 35 states. Which nationwide food retailer is that? Mars didn’t bother to include that information, which might have been helpful.

Still, if you purchased this bag, you’ll recognize it, since the bag and the candies themselves are different shapes than most Dove products. The product in question is a 24-ounce bag, which the company warns may contain pieces from their other candy lines. You could find a Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix inside.

Those candy bars include ingredients like peanuts, eggs, and wheat that aren’t found in the Dove chocolates, and wouldn’t be listed on the label on the outside of the bag.

Affected bags were sold at the Mystery Retailer between September 19 and December 1 of this year. If you have one and someone in your household is allergic to peanuts, wheat, or eggs, return it to the store where you purchased it. If no one would be harmed, it’s okay to keep the bag, and you can just think of the possibility of receiving a piece of Snickers, as one consumer reported, as an exciting possible bonus.

If you have questions or concerns about the recall, contact the hotline at 1-800-551-0907.

Mars Chocolate North America Issues Allergy Alert Voluntary Recall on Undeclared Peanuts, Wheat and Egg Ingredient for DOVE® Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes, 24.0 oz. Bag, Sold Only at One Major Retailer with Stores Across the U.S. [Press Release]

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