Via Full-Page Ad, Taco Bell Asks "Meat Filling" Lawyers For Apology

Taking a victory lap around the tactical retreat by the lawyers who had sued it for its beef not being beefy enough, Taco Bell took out a full-page ad asking the firm to say “sorry.”

The ads ran this week in the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and the New York Times and were done in the same style of the “thank you” ads they took out when the suit first surfaced.

Some folks say it would have been classier to just be happy the suit died and go back home to make more delicious low-priced approximations of Mexican food. I disagree. These little ambulance chasers really put Taco Bell’s brand on the grill and turned up the burners to high. The news and the buzz will blow up the gossipy allegation, and then barely cover the retraction. You have to do something extra to make a dent in the cycle and get notice for the aspersions being dispersed.


Taco Bell Would Like an Apology For Beef Lawsuit [Eater]

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