Texan Refuses To Evacuate Home Close To Wildfire

When authorities advise you to abandon your home to flee an oncoming natural disaster, things tend to not work out so well if you stick around. But a defiant Texas man is taking his chances, standing pat at his house even though a raging wildfire is encroaching on his property.

In an interview with CNN, the man said he cussed out officials who advised him to move on, then snapped at a reporter who asked him why he disobeyed, saying “What kind of a question is that, now listen! If your house is on fire or close to it, would you leave?”

The man’s property is less than fireproof. He’s in the business of selling cedar posts, which he has stacked 15 feet high outside his home. When winds pushed the fire toward his house, he and some friends tossed buckets of water at it to keep the flames at bay. The story says his home remains in danger.

How serious would a threat have to be to get you to evacuate your home?

One man’s stand against Texas’ raging wildfires [CNN]

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