SunChips Debuts New, Slightly Quieter Biodegradable Bags

Good news for trash-haters and late-night snackers alike: biodegradable SunChips bags are back in the United States! But it’s not the controversial original version that caused an unbearable racket and allegedly didn’t compost all that well.

“It was interesting we got a lot of extremely positive feedback … but on the same hand we heard one overwhelming complaint,” an executive told the Associated Press. Yes, it was hard to miss hearing that complaint. In case you forgot what the original version sounded like, here’s a refresher:

IT WAS LOUD. The bag registered at about 80 to 85 decibels, when most snack bags are closer to 70.

Frito-Lay is introducing the improved version of the bag on plain-flavored SunChips, which should be in stores now. The new package has a tiny layer of rubber-based adhesive between its layers that cuts the noise, and is still biodegradeable.

Have you encountered this bag yet? Let us know how it sounds. Maybe call up our tipline (347-422-6695) and crinkle the bag into the phone. Or not.

Frito-Lay hopes new SunChips bag quiets critics [AP]

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