Woman Says She Found Human Tooth In Lay’s Bag, Freaked Out

layschipsA woman in Texas claims that she received a free prize in her bag of Lay’s potato chips. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the a fun prize: it was the kind of prize that makes you want to barf. She was munching on the cheddar bacon mac and cheese flavored chips when she found something that wasn’t bacon in her mouth. It appeared to be a human tooth with a crown on it.

I’m the person who writes about live potentially poisonous beetles and dead frogs that people find in their food, but somehow these photos have me gagging more than any of them.

She shared her story with a local radio station in Houston, explaining that she at first thought there was a more reasonable explanation, such as not noticing that her own teeth were falling out.

“At first my daughter and I thought it may have been my tooth, but after thoroughly checking my mouth and seeing all my teeth still there, I realized the tooth came from the bag of chips!” she told KHM. “I felt sick.”

She says that she contacted Frito-Lay, which asked her to send the chips and the tooth back to theme. She hasn’t yet decided what he will do. We contacted Frito-Lay for their comments, and will update this post when we hear something back.

EXCLUSIVE: Houston Woman Finds Decayed Tooth in Lays Bag [KHMX]

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