SunChips Canada To Noisy Bag Haters: Here's Free Earplugs

Unlike their lilly-livered counterparts to the south, Sun Chips Canada has decided to hold the line on their jet-engine loud biodegradable bags. Instead of caving to detractors, they’re offering them free earplugs.

“Our bag is loud, our bag is different, our bag is good for the environment, and our bag will remain on store shelves,” says the company. They’ve also launched a public awareness campaign, starting with this informational video:

Hopefully they’ll also be making a series telling people about how to make their compost piles, too. The bags advertise that they’ll break down in 9 weeks, but you’ll need a much more intense compost pile than most people have the time or care to make.

You’ll want your compost pile to preferably over 130 degrees and at least 21 cubic feet. SunChips’s instructional PDF recommends a recipe of the following to create optimal conditions:

1 part food scraps (greens)
2 parts leaves (browns)
2 parts grass (greens)
2 parts hay (browns)
1 part finished compost (a bacterial activator to start the composting process)

Still, even if you have to wait a few more months for the bag to decompose, that’s a lot faster than a traditional chip bag, which will take hundreds of years to break down, and even then will only be a fine grain of plastic dust.

Know what’s even more annoying that a noisy bag? A planet full of garbage.

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