Consumerist's Most-Read Stories Of 2010

From strange sandwiches to even stranger luggage, from rude receipts to corporate misdoings, here’s a look back at the 10 most read stories on Consumerist for 2010.

1. KFC’s Bacon Sandwich On Fried Chicken “Bread” Starts Killing People Nationwide April 12

2. 10 Of The Strangest Unclaimed Airline Baggage Items Ever Found

3. Do A Total Background Check On Yourself

4. Hey, Nerds! Your Takeout Order Is Ready

5. Check Out The Secret McMenu Item That’s Sweeping SF, The Mc10:35

6. Teacher Defeats Traffic Ticket With The Power Of Math

7. Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Stupid Annoying Waste Of Money

8. Apple Store Goes On Security Lockdown When You Try To Buy A Laptop

9. Friendly’s Burger Has Grilled Cheese Sandwiches For Buns

10. Congratulations Comcast; You’re The Worst Company In America!

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