My Online Order Didn't Get To Me, But GameStop, UPS Say It Was Delivered

Bruce ordered an Xbox 360 bundle from GameStop, but says the package never arrived. UPS says it left the package at his door and told Bruce to complain to GameStop, which isn’t responding.

He writes:

I can’t seem to get a human response from GameStop’s customer service.

For Christmas, I decided to buy my dad and brothers the Beatles Rock Band limited edition bundle for the Xbox 360. I live in a college town, so the few places I checked in person were sold out. I decided to chance it using the GameStop website, and added the expedited shipping to help ensure it came before Christmas. A few days later, I received confirmation that the package had been delivered to my apartment building at 3pm. I got home around 6 pm and there was no package. Panick. My roomate said he got home around 4pm, and there was nothing then either. Realization. I was robbed.

I called the UPS customer service number that night and explained what had happened. They said that indeed the package had been delivered to the front door, and that I should open up an inquiry through GameStop. So I sent an email off to GameStop’s customer service, again explaining the issue. I received a canned email back telling me that if they can conclude the package was delivered, there is nothing they can do to replace or refund my order. Here is my problem with that…

Their website does not allow users to specify whether or not a signature is required upon delivery. I assumed that since the packages can be fragile and/or expensive, they would want to require a signature. Guess not. I tried explaining this concern to them in another email, but was completely ignored in their response back.

I’m not sure if I have a leg to stand on, but isn’t it their responsibility as the supplier to make sure their product reaches my hands safely? This makes me never want to use their website or stores again. Does GameStop just get to keep my money?

If you’ve ordered an expensive item and found it missing when it was supposed to have been delivered, how did you respond?