TRON Preview Screening Marred By Line-Jumpers, Mean Staff

Tavie shares her first-person experience of waiting for hours in 20 degree weather to see the new TRON screening, and her run-ins with the professional line-jumpers and surly event staff.

On her blog she recounts how three people saved spots at the front of the line for twenty-four other people who popped up 30 minutes before showtime. Never mind that she and her friend had been waiting there for several hours in mercury-curdling temps. The event staff was not much help either, being more concerned with threatening anyone holding a cellphone and pimping Norelco razors.

The line jumpers and their confederates were pretty ballsy and resisted when the crowd ganged up on them and tried to get them to get in the back of the line. It seems you would have had to gotten physical in order to stop them.

You would think Disney would treat its fans better. At least the movie was good, though.

A few more words about last night’s free preview screening of Tron: Legacy at the AMC 42nd Street in Times Square. [tavie]

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