Group Of Reddit Editors Make Public Stand Against Grabby TSA Pat-Downs & Revealing Full-Body Scanners

There are few sites on the internet more tapped into the zeitgeist than the hive mind over at Reddit. So it should come as little surprise to those familiar with Reddit that a group of the site’s editors — or Redditors — have banded together to create a forum for those who feel less than enthusiastic about the TSA’s roll-out of full-body scanners and its “enhanced” pat-down procedures.

From the Reddit blog:

In a nutshell, anyone passing through a backscatter-enabled security checkpoint has a choice: Let a TSA agent see through your clothes, or let a TSA agent touch your most intimate areas. And it’s not just Americans who should feel threatened; TSA policies seem to have a way of spreading around the world.

What began on Reddit as Operation “Grab Ass” has since branched out into a non-Reddit site with a more news-friendly name,

In addition to allowing people to submit and read their experiences with the TSA’s new security procedures and devices, Fly With Dignity also provides a way for consumers to contact their local members of Congress and the Senate as well as the ACLU.

The site has also started a petition addressed to Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano and TSA head John Pistole, who admitted to the Senate this morning that the new pat-downs are “more invasive” than they had been previously.

From their site:

We originally began with a plan to run advertising through major media outlets to gain attention, we now plan this along with other ways to get the public involved and to support our goal of a moratorium on the Backscatter X-Ray machines, as well as the end to pat-downs at the airport, both of which invade our privacy, and are degrading as a human being and American citizen….

We are not a politically motivated organization, nor have affiliation with any charities or other groups. We are a literal form of grass-roots, and intend to not make this a matter of politics of special interests. What matters here is the preservation of our civil liberties and protection of our rights when visiting public establishments.

If you want to contribute or just learn more, go to

A group of redditors is taking a stand against the new TSA rules.

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