Google Looking Into Pixel 2 XL Screen Issues

Google Looking Into Pixel 2 XL Screen Issues

Google’s new Pixel 2 phones are the tech company’s latest and greatest attempt to crack the smartphone market largely dominated by Samsung and Apple. However, Google is now having to investigate and explain to some Pixel 2 XL owners why their screens are apparently malfunctioning. [More]

Tom Richardson

Trouble With Twitter, Reddit, Or The Rest Of The Internet Today? It’s Not Just You.

Update: Dyn reports that as of about 9:30 a.m., service has been restored and affected sites and services should start returning to normal. However, as of about 11:50 another round appears to have begun, with even more trouble hitting around 1:30 ET. Read on for more about the scope of the issue. [More]

Laurie Pink

Video Game Maker Thanks Pirates For Playing, Offers Discount

Kill them with kindness, that appears to be the motto for a video game company after it found links to some of its games posted for free on Reddit.  [More]

Reddit Users Claim Axe Ripped Off Idea For “Shower Thoughts” Commercial

Reddit Users Claim Axe Ripped Off Idea For “Shower Thoughts” Commercial

We’ve all had that moment when we see a commercial for a new product and think, “Hey, I had that idea first.” Usually you just have to shrug it off and reconcile yourself to the fact that you’re not the first person ever to have that thought before. That’s not sitting well over on Reddit, where users are claiming there’s evidence that Axe ripped off a new commercial for shower gel word for word from a redditor’s post. [More]

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Reddit Adds Tool To Block Unwanted Messages, Posts

Reddit bills itself as a place where just about anyone can voice their opinion, ask questions, and otherwise interact with the hordes of people cruising around on the Internet. For years, though, many have been concerned that the site’s open environment is conducive to harassment. And so this week the company took a step to make more users feel welcome by debuting an enhanced ‘block’ tool. [More]

Michael Daddino

Facebook, Reddit, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America CEOs Among Those Urging North Carolina To Repeal New Anti-LGBT Law

Earlier this month, in a hurried legislative process, North Carolina lawmakers passed HB2, a bill that overrides and prevents local governments from establishing anti-discrimination rules against gay and transgender people. This morning, advocacy groups delivered a letter to NC Gov. Pat McCrory signed by top executives from more than 100 companies, all calling for the state to repeal the law. [More]

Best Buy Sells $200 Gift Cards For $15, Cancels Orders

Best Buy Sells $200 Gift Cards For $15, Cancels Orders

Late last night, Best Buy posted what seemed like the greatest Black Friday in July deal ever: a $200 gift card for only $15. This was an obvious pricing error, but humans are humans, and people were willing to put up with an Isaac Mizrahi-designed floral gift card if it meant that they would get $185 in free money. Fortunately for Best Buy, they corrected the pricing error after only a few hours. [More]


Warby Parker Is Sorry About Your Stolen Car, Buys You A Beer

When you have a bad day and make a comment about to someone at the store, you probably don’t expect anyone to do anything other than nod their head and feign sympathy. But one Warby Parker customer says her visit to the eyewear store resulted in a little more than a “there there.” [More]

The widget that sites supporting Battle For The Net are displaying today.

The Internet Speaks Up: FCC’s Fast Lane Proposal Would Be “A Cluster f**k Worse Than Comcast’s Customer Service”

It’s been a long road since an appeals court threw out the FCC’s Open Internet Rule — the one most of us call net neutrality — back in January. The FCC proposed a replacement rule in May, but there’s one small snag: it’s terrible. The proposal currently on the table would allow large ISPs to charge businesses for prioritized access, effectively splitting the internet into fast and slow lanes and choosing for consumers what sites and services they can best access. With the for-really-reals final deadline for the public to have its say fast approaching, today a large swath of the internet is speaking up for net neutrality and asking their visitors and customers to do the same. [More]

Major Internet Players, Including Reddit, Tumblr, And Others, To Protest For Net Neutrality On September 10

Major Internet Players, Including Reddit, Tumblr, And Others, To Protest For Net Neutrality On September 10

In an action somewhat reminiscent of the widespread protests against SOPA back in 2012, several major internet businesses are planning a symbolic “internet slowdown” on September 10 to advocate for stronger net neutrality regulations. [More]

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From AT&T To Verizon: What The Web’s Biggest Players Told The FCC About Net Neutrality

The FCC originally planned to stop taking comments about their net neutrality proposal on Tuesday. But after demand overwhelmed and crashed their antique IT system, they extended the deadline to 11:59 p.m. (EDT) tonight. As of yesterday, well over one million comments had been entered, and that number’s still going up. Clearly, the public cares — but what is the public saying? [More]

A Single Camera Charger Shipped On A Pallet Looks Ridiculous

A Single Camera Charger Shipped On A Pallet Looks Ridiculous

When a single charger box arrived at a camera store strapped to a wooden pallet, it caused one employee to take a video of the unboxing, then post it to Reddit with the question: “How is DHL still in business?” Yet this international edition of the Stupid Shipping Gang isn’t DHL’s fault. It’s how such items have to be shipped across borders. [More]

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Amazon, Google, Reddit, Netflix, 4Chan, Dozens Others, Plead With FCC To Protect Net Neutrality

In perhaps the most motley crew (as opposed to Mötley Crüe) of tech and Internet companies ever assembled for a single cause, around 150 businesses representing everything from content and infrastructure to gaming, crowdfunding and 3-D printing have written the FCC to ask that it not completely screw up net neutrality. [More]

One possible design for Josh Wise's Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR car.

There Will Apparently Be A Dogecoin-Sponsored NASCAR Driver

While Bitcoin gets all the headlines (and even a questionable magazine cover), it’s not the only cryptocurrency in existence. Dogecoin is a relative newcomer in the field, but it has enough fans on Reddit that they were able to raise funds to get the currency’s brand slapped on a NASCAR vehicle. [More]

Amy’s Baking Company Owner Calls For End To Reddit

Amy’s Baking Company Owner Calls For End To Reddit

It’s been several months since we wrote about the zany owners of Scottsdale, Arizona’s Amy’s Baking Company, the little restaurant that became world-famous after a now-infamous episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Nearly six months after claiming that Yelpers were threatening her life, Amy is now calling for an end to Reddit. [More]

A Simple Tip That All Pizza Delivery Drivers Should Heed To Avoid Messes Like This

A Simple Tip That All Pizza Delivery Drivers Should Heed To Avoid Messes Like This

Have you ever had a pizza delivered that looked like the box had been tilted at a 45-degree angle the entire ride, causing the cheese and all the toppings to slide off to one side? It’s probably due to the pizza being piping hot and the angle of the driver’s car seat. But there are some simple ways for a delivery driver to level out his or her pizza parcels. [More]

Maybe The Most Depressing Amazon Listing Ever (Unless You’re In The Market For A Crack Pipe)

Maybe The Most Depressing Amazon Listing Ever (Unless You’re In The Market For A Crack Pipe)

People employ all manner of odd devices in the smoking of illegal drugs like crack and crystal meth, but there’s something particularly heartbreaking about realizing that people are using these novelty “love roses” as an affordable way to ruin their lives. [More]


Kellogg Denies Having Anything To Do With Pringles Reddit Posts

Getting thousands, maybe millions of Internet users to view, like, share, and talk about your product isn’t easy. Any number of companies have tried to anonymously post “viral” content in the hope that it will spread quickly (and without having to pay for additional ads). And following a rash of funny/interesting Pringles photos popping up on Reddit, some users claim it’s a blatant marketing gimmick. [More]