TSA Reaches Out To Woman Who Said Son Endured “Horrifying” Pat-Down

Image courtesy of quinn.anya

Earlier this week, a Texas woman posted a video on Facebook claiming that the physical security check she requested for her special needs son crossed the line. Now, the woman says she’s been contacted by the Transportation Security Administration and will work with the agency to create a system that is more appropriate for children and people with medical challenges. 

The woman posted in a follow-up Facebook message that she received a call from the TSA’s civil rights and liberties division that suggested she participate in a three-part plan to help address shortcomings in the security process.

“They have asked me to help collaborate with the TSA in creating a promising practices publication for use with all of their agents across the country in order to improve training in the TSA and its treatment of passengers,” she wrote.

The publication, she writes, would address etiquette and sensitivity in the workplace to help train employees in how to “respond to all passengers in a more sensitive and respectful manner.”

She also said the TSA asked her to join their Disabilities and Medical Condition Coalition to provide the agency with suggestions on possible process modifications.

The TSA confirmed that it reached out to the woman in a statement to NBC News, adding that it “appreciates her feedback and looks forward to continued dialogue.”

“TSA has a long-standing partnership with a coalition of disability advocacy groups, community-based organizations, and individuals, and we welcome Ms. Williamson’s input,” the spokesperson said. “TSA is committed to ensuring the security of travelers, while treating all with dignity and respect.”

The woman’s story came to light earlier this week after she posted about what she called a “horrifying” security screening incident involving her son.

“We have been through hell this morning,” the woman wrote, adding that she believes the agents deliberately kept them from their flight. “We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules.”

Instead, the woman claims the agents conducted a pat-down of the boy, despite the fact he set off no alarms when walking through security detectors.

In the woman’s video, a TSA agent is seen talking to the boy, whose arms are in the air. The agent then pats down the boy’s arms, shirt, and sides before examining his waist band and shorts.

The woman also notes in the message that two DFW police officers were called to the area and flanked the boy on both sides. This is not seen in the video.

At the time the TSA disputed the account, telling the Dallas Morning News that its agents followed procedures.

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