Man Threatens To Kill Employee Who Won't Accept Cell Phone Return

No matter how angry you’ve gotten when denied at the return counter, it’s doubtful you’ve sunk to the level of a Seattle man who allegedly threatened to kill an employee who wouldn’t let him return his cell phone.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports the man became irate after the employee refused to accept the return because he’d purchased it 33 days ago, missing the window by three days.

That’s when things got crazy. The man, who had been convicted for telephone harassment in 2007, called the store’s manager and threatened to kill her son and her by ripping her head off, adding that she “deserved to die” and that “there’s a place in hell for her.”

Charge: Angry at store’s return policy, man threatens to kill
[Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
(Thanks, Kuroda!)

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