What Fictional Products Do You Wish Were Real?

Re-watching the Back to the Future movies recently, I remembered how deeply the tween me once longed for a hover board like the one Michael J. Fox races around the Hill Valley of 2015. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a real hover board on the market in the next five years, the 30-something me still wants one.

Over at TheGloss, they have a rundown of the 10 Best Fictional Beauty Products, which encompasses everything from The Beach cologne from Seinfeld to Dapper Dan pomade from O Brother Where Art Thou? to Dr. Flimflam’s Miracle Cream from Futurama.

Just off the top of our collective heads, there’s also the cool inventions like Flubber, the yummy snacks like 30 Rock’s Sabor de Soledad chips, the disgusting devices like Bass-O-Matic from Saturday Night Live and the downright dangerous Cornballer from Arrested Development.

Which products do you wish would make the leap from the screen to reality?

10 Best Fictional Beauty Products [TheGloss.com]

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