Why Can't We Have The Nacho Whopper Or The McArabia Here In The U.S.?

Sure, here in these United States we’ve got a White Castle that will serve you noodles and a Burger King that makes a Whopper bigger than your head, but the grass is always greener — and the food always more interesting — on the other side of the fence, right?

Over at Buzzfeed, they’ve rounded up 14 delectable dishes only available at fast food restaurants in other countries. (Well, it’s actually 13 because you can get the McLobster Roll in some parts of the U.S.)

Among the highlights:
* The Nacho Whopper (pictured above) from Burger King in The Netherlands. It’s a Whopper… with nacho chips, jalapenos and “Mexican sauce.”

* Cheese Catsu Burger from McDonald’s in Japan. It’s not just a fried pork cutlet on a bun; it’s also filled with cheese.

* Cordon Bleu Burger from McDonald’s in Poland. Take a fried, ham-stuffed chicken patty, slap it on top of a cheeseburger and crown the whole thing with bacon.

* The McArabia from McDonald’s in Morocco. “Two grilled Kofta patties, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Wrapped in Arabic bread.”

* The Golden Fortune from Pizza Hut in Japan. It’s sort of a pizza thing, with shrimp, crab stick, fish, pineapple, lime on top.

Check out the whole list with pictures at Buzzfeed.com.


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  1. ravana says:


  2. ajkilroy24 says:

    i want the cordon bleu burger…i may just have to make my own!

  3. chiieddy says:

    Hrm. The limit the McLobster Roll to Maine in the US, but it’s available throughout New England.

  4. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    McArabia in America? Then the terrorist win.

  5. agent 47 says:

    Royale with cheese didn’t make the list? :(

  6. cynical_reincarnation says:

    that nacho burger looks freakin GREAT!

    • Platypi {Redacted} says:

      Ditto, I would totally give the Nacho Whopper a try!

    • Ecks says:

      Sounds similar to the Angry Whopper they had, but with nacho chips. It brought me into Burger King for the first time in years, and once they stopped offering it, I stopped going.

      I wish more restaurants had spicier options, much of the food is bland.

    • denros says:

      I actually made one this weekend at a football party. All the elements were there in front of me: Nacho cheese, chips, and a burger. I added chili, however.

  7. tanyaandkarl says:

    filled with cheese in japan?

    I thought rotten moo juice was one of the few things considered disgusting over there.
    Or maybe that’s the appeal.

    • Arcaeris says:

      The katsu burger isn’t unusual. Japanese people put lots of stuff in between two pieces of bread, including yakisoba noodles and pork cutlets. You can also get tonkatsu with cheese on it in a lot of places, including Curry House (if there’s one near you). It’s cool they combined the two ideas on a bun.

      • Conformist138 says:

        You missed the point- I also heard that cheese wasn’t considered particularly tasty in Japanese culture. Maybe the years of the western influence (and our love of all things cheesy) has finally changed their minds about it.

      • AlphaLackey says:

        I love yakisoba-pan. Always pick me up some authentic Japanese mayonnaise to go on top of it.

  8. melaniem says:

    The McArabia sounds fantastic! I want. Also the cheese catsu burger. I may have to invent my own recipes.

  9. E-Jungle says:

    * The Nacho Whopper (pictured above) from Burger King in The Netherlands. It’s a Whopper… with nacho chips, jalapenos and “Mexican sauce.”

    I love it, can get it at my local BK

  10. agent 47 says:

    Can you eat a McArabia within ten blocks of the WTC?

  11. duxup says:

    I saw some photos of someone eating at some other nation’s fast food place and the side was a nice ball of rice. I’d love that as an option.

  12. El_Fez says:

    When I travel to Europe, I *ALWAYS* stop at McDonalds and have their apple pies. Unlike here in America where the McPies are baked in an oven (and taste like ass), in Europe they still deep fry ’em. The difference is like night and day, I tells ya!

  13. El_Fez says:

    When I travel to Europe, I *ALWAYS* stop at McDonalds and have their apple pies. Unlike here in America where the McPies are baked in an oven (and taste like ass), in Europe they still deep fry ’em. The difference is like night and day, I tells ya!

  14. Beeker26 says:

    the McArabia actually sounds pretty damned tasty!

  15. jurisenpai says:

    Most pedantic, but the “Golden Fortune” pizza is clearly from China, hence the Chinese New Year’s theme and pricing in RMB.

    Japanese pizza is much more fun and looks like this: http://www.dominos.jp/image/shared/itemimgsx/97.jpg

    It’s the “Mayo-Potato Pizza” with onions, bacon, potatoes, corn, and lots and lots of mayo! Yum! Really. It’s awesome. You should try it. Also the pizzas with tuna fish and corn are AMAZING.

  16. PunditGuy says:

    I had a garlic sauced pizza (no tomatoes) topped with shrimp and very little cheese at a Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka. It kicked much ass, and was cheap to boot.

  17. davegins says:

    The “Tender Beef Pentagon” looks just like a crunch wrap supreme, but they might sell even better in the US if they changed the name!

    • Arcaeris says:

      Aren’t KFC and Taco Bell the same company (and often in the same building)? It makes sense that they just used the other’s machine/process to make a slightly different product.

    • jamar0303 says:

      A warning- it is SPICY. Dear lord, it’s spicy. I live in China, tried it when I came out. Feels worse than eating a habanero.

  18. psm321 says:

    I want Fries Supreme at Taco Bell (they have them in Canada)

  19. youbastid says:

    When I was in Tokyo in Feb they didn’t have either of those options. Definitely would have gone for the Mega Tomago.

  20. shepd says:

    The lobster burger isn’t available in most of Canada, either!

  21. bluevideo says:

    Not that I expect BuzzFeed to be some kind of academic research…

    The lobster sandwich is only available once in a while in Canada… and I’ve never seen a “Camembert Premiere” in a McDonald’s in France. I think the French would have Ronald McDonald beheaded for something like that. It apparently is a Polish thing.

    I would’ve included the McKroket (Dutch) in this… think McChicken (fried) sandwich, but replace chicken with ground beef. I was grossed out… but ended up liking it. But if there’s one thing on the Euro McMenus I would bring over, it would be… beer.

  22. HogwartsProfessor says:

    OH MAN I want the Lobster Roll and the Das Nürnburger German bratwurst thing!!!!!

  23. thaJack says:

    Because it’s not’cho Whopper!

  24. Saltpork says:

    McArabia sounds awesome.
    Chili Cheese Nuggets. My bowels would never forgive me, but wow that sounds good.

  25. yessongs says:

    KFC in China is AWESOME! it’s all spicy chicken, but not too hot. Pizza Hut although puts corn on it’s pizza in China, and forget any kind of Mexican food there

  26. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    wait… still trying to wrap my mind around a processed chicken patty stuffed with shrimp. knowing food photography tricks i’m going to be the real thing doesn’t look anywhere near as appetizing.
    i wonder if there’s any way to get blog readers from around the world to send in photos of these menu items ‘in the wild’

  27. Emily says:

    A pizza with shrimp, crab stick, fish, pineapple, lime? Japan once again undefeated in the owning-the-weirdest-of-anything category.

  28. Draw2much says:

    What I want most of all is McDonalds Tomago Cheeseburger. They use some sort of special mayo sauce, then have a breakfast egg, and two beef patties with cheese. It’s so freaking good! You people don’t even know! I never dreamed an egg with a burger could taste that delicious but it does.

  29. Brian Cooks says:

    These all sound delicious. DO WANT.

  30. Thorzdad says:

    Screw that. I want an Al Baik chicken in my town.

  31. RvLeshrac says:

    We can’t have these things because it isn’t possible for a restaurant to purchase affordable, non-crap ingredients in the US.

  32. gman863 says:

    Wise man say: If Golden Fortune pizza contain MSG may give you bad case of poo-poo platter.

  33. AlphaLackey says:

    I guess it’s not “too soon” if you can order “Das Nurnburger” in Germany. Presumably, if your friends mock you for ordering it, saying you were forced to order it is not a valid defense…