A Reader Reviews White Castle's New Noodle Venture

Yesterday, we brought you one reader’s review of White Castle’s new BBQ experiment in Indiana. As promised, today brings a different reader’s thoughts on the White Castle in Ohio that just started serving up noodles alongside the sliders.

This past weekend, reader Frank paid two separate visits to the White Castle in Springfield, OH, which he says “looks amazingly better… 100% better than before the remodel.” Here, he shares his account of the two trips:

Visit #1: Friday, 9/3/2010:
The first thing I noticed was a nice guy handing out menus and sort of directing traffic — it was busy. One thing to be improved is the traffic flow — somehow there needs to be a better way to “push” customers up the middle of the store (to get in line) rather than having them trying to enter in through left (hope that makes sense!).

When I got up to the cashier — he seemed a little rushed; and not really a good salesman to explain the new products — there should be the containers plastered up under the menu board with a tag saying “Actual Size!” so that people could see what they were getting right away, I asked and he seemed annoyed, probably since it was the 100th time that night he’d been asked!

I ordered a full-size chicken parm, and my friend ordered a 1/2-size teriyaki. Both meals were very good, but we both would have enjoyed a piece of bread with it. (Here’s an idea: Take a slider bun, toast and butter it; and include with each meal.)

I was impressed with the quality, and quantity of the dish, and the chicken was very good, although I’m not sure about how I feel about it being a nugget-y chicken parm. I think a strip, or something of a bigger size with mozzarella type sprinkle cheese on top would be a little better… but who knows.

The chicken teriyaki was excellent, and had no complaints or comments. We also ordered the cucumber salad; ate half of it, and then realized that the cucumber would taste amazing on a slider!! So we ordered a slider, and put it on it, and it was amazing.

Also ordered 1/2-size mac and cheese — this was the best. Also the mint tea was amazing as well — i realized then that both of these would be something I would drive out of my way for.

All in all, the first trip was a great first impression. But, hey — I saw that episode of Undercover Boss; and didn’t someone tell the boss that too many people in the kitchen at a new or grand opening store didn’t really help??

There were WAY too many people in the kitchen that night, and they were elbow-to-elbow back there and looking like they were tripping over each other — just thought I’d throw that back at ya.

Visit #2, Sunday 9/5/2010:
Took the kids and they ordered two spaghetti with meatballs. They ate every drop, and said they liked it. Not bad for two 9-year-olds! We ordered two full mac & cheese, and two fries. Both were very good and the quality was just as before; the fries were a little soggy, but not the worst I’d seen. Overall a good visit. Although not as busy as Friday evening, the service was good, but the order seemed to take longer to get to the table.

Thanks to Frank, his friend and his kids for sharing their experience!
We’re still looking for someone in the Lebanon, TN, area to volunteer (get it — Tennessee… volunteer? Get it??) to try out the pressed sandwiches at the White Castle/Decker’s combo there.

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