What Will You Do With October's Extra Paycheck?

If your employer pays you every other week, there are 26 pay periods per year. Ten months are boring two-paycheck months, in which every penny of your meager paycheck is most likely accounted for. But two months, including — for many wage slaves, this one — are wondrous, three-paycheck extravaganzas, creating the illusion that you’ve got a whole extra paycheck to blow on whatever you like, unencumbered by the usual bills.

Money Maus notes the nearing of this unofficial holiday at the end of next week, and says she’s using her “extra” dough to save for retirement, prop up her holiday gift fund and treat herself to a little shopping spree.

If you’re getting a third paycheck this month, what are you doing with the money?

Three Paycheck Month [Money Maus]

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