Mompetitors Make It Hard To Have Mom Friends

This is a great video that makes fun of “Mompetitors,” those crazy moms who are as addicted to their kids as they are to one-upping other moms about what superior moms they are. What makes it even better is that it was made by a stay at-home-mom.

The Mompetitor only cooks unprocessed organic foods, doesn’t vaccinate her kids so they don’t get autism, and no matter what date your kid reached a development milestone, her kid beat it by two months. Rear vs forward car seats? Organic c-sections? She’s got the best, most dedicated to her kids’ upbringing answer, because she read it on the internet.

A message from her announcing she is taking a break from making videos. Worth a watch simply for her threat to feed bad mommies “recalled Similac.”

Why I can’t make mom friends [mompetition]

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