What Are The Best (Or Least Annoying) Ads On TV Right Now?

While voting is still open for Consumerist’s first ever Worst Ad In America Awards, we decided to take a respite from all the negativity for a bit.

And, hardened though we are by cynicism, we have to admit that some commercials on the TV not only rise to the level of being mildly not-annoying, but are actually genuinely enjoyable to watch… at least for the first dozen times you watch it.

So that’s why we’re asking you to throw out some love to the ads that don’t have you reaching for the mute button. We’re also curious to find out how many times you can see a smart, funny, clever commercial before it begins to wear thin and lose its initial charms.

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  1. Its The Beer Talking says:

    Kevin Butler – VP of Playstation

    “Well played, Mauer.

    • shoan says:

      Absolutely best spokesperson for a company in so long. Kevin Butler is the best thing to happen to sony playstations branding in a long time. He has a huge following in the gamer world as it stands. Even came out on stage at E3 this year. He is better in commercials than live but a great series of commercials.
      p.s. yes I know he is not really kevin butler but the actor plays him well and the scripts are usually funny.

    • DanRydell says:

      These ones are awesome. Microsoft has made some pretty good ads in the past, but not so much lately.

    • nms says:

      This one with Pedroia is my favorite

      “How many MVPs do you know that can’t hit that pitch?”

      -“You mean apart from you?”

  2. mauve says:

    Those excellent Dean Winters ads for State Farm belong in this voting, not in the Worst voting!

  3. marlathetourist says:

    I love the commercial with the Russian guy who kisses the mini giraffe. So funny. What would make it better is if I could actually remember what the commercial is for.

  4. Turnabout is Flair Play says:

    I like the self-absorbed jerk eating the office worker’s microwave dinner…

    her: I hate how much you’re loving that
    him: I love how much you’re hating this

  5. dragonfire81 says:

    Some of the DirecTV football ads are awesome. I love the New Orleans Saints voodoo one, it’s just great on multiple levels.

  6. BigRobot says:

    The new Jeep Grand Cherokee ads are pretty awesome. Of course the guys who put it together were drinking and smoking pot on their lunch breaks.

    • Jfielder says:

      They make me wanna run out and buy an shiny new Grand Cherokee, even though I don’t buy new cars, I’m poor, and most of all, I hate Chrysler products… I would say they have an effective advertisment.

  7. fluidfoundation says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! weeee weee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. robphelan says:

    I like the “Mayhem” commercials – from some insurance company.. may be Nationwide or Progressive.

    Also the Old Spice commercials, of course.

    The Russian with the mini-giraffe (DirecTV) was good.

  9. Holybalheadedchrist! says:

    “While voting is still open for Consumerist’s first ever Worst Ad In America Awards, we decided to take a respite from all the negativity for a bit.”

    –then you’ll need to shut off comments, or turn on the snark filter.

  10. balthisar says:

    Just about any Johnny Walker television commercial is well made and entertaining.

  11. FreshPorcupineSalad says:

    “Big Red” Verizon add. BEST EVER.

  12. bigc1 says:

    All the new Chrysler commercials are good. Slow mo ripping through some grassy field, and the Jeep one that BigRobot mentioned.
    I think my favorite ad campaign is the old spice guy. The instant responses on the internet are great, and the original commercials are really interesting.

  13. Tippady says:

    Traveler’s Insurance “Watering Hole”

  14. graytotoro says:

    The Dodge Invisible Monkey commercial. It’s awesome if you know why they have an invisible monkey.

  15. kamiikoneko says:

    The first few times I saw the Dean Winters ad I was entertained, which is amazing.
    I like them.
    And I liked him in Oz better than anything else he’s done.

    • PTB315 says:

      He was hysterical on 30 Rock in the first and second seasons as Dennis Duffy, though his later appearances aren’t bad either.

      Liz: “Now, why is it important to tell me that the muggers were black?”
      Dennis: “They weren’t muggers. They were cops.”
      Liz: “So why don’t you just say he was running from some cops?”
      Dennis: “I don’t know, I mean… you’re a racist for assuming that they weren’t cops.”

    • CBenji says:

      I loved me some Oz, and some Dean WInters. I sometimes stop my DVR just to watch his commercial. I wonder why he doesn’t get more work. He is just so good.

  16. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    1) I like like current one with the catchy tune and the African animals – predators & prey getting along. Just don’t ask me to remember what the heck they are advertising,

    2) Ally Bank – “Even kids know it’s wrong”

  17. Venus Blue says:

    I really like the Allstate commercials, and I loved the Old Spice commercials as well.

  18. agent 47 says:

    That’s easy!

    Old Spice featuring Terry Crews!

  19. Brent says:

    The Ally Bank spots are smart. The main actor is a dead ringer for Aaron Eckhart in Thank You for Smoking.

    I really like the Sprint $69.99 plan where the product user is oblivious to the pain he/she is causing others because the deal on the service is so incredibly good.

  20. Murph1908 says:

    Sportscenter commercials are usually good. I look forward to seeing new ones. Some of the best:

    Steve Irwin and the Florida Gator
    Big Papi puts on Posada’s Yankee cap to break it in
    Archie, Payton and Eli in a tour group visiting the Sportscenter studios

    • PTB315 says:

      I love those, and the Oregon Duck sitting at his desk, then hearing the quacks of ducks outside his window, leading to him leaning back and staring out at them for awhile.

    • koali says:

      Definitely have to agree with the Steve Irwin and Big Papi ones. They need to run a special with just SC commercials.

    • lalaland13 says:

      I love the Brett Favre/Minuteman ad. Hilarious, and almost makes all of Favre’s waffling worth it because the ad is genius.

  21. VaultDweller says:

    I love the Sweet Millions lottery ads, although who doesn’t love baby animals and tiny bunny rabbits dressed up in clothes? It just makes me smile.

  22. Sarahnoid says:

    The Dos Equis commercials (usually radio) featuring The Most Interesting Man in the World…

    He can speak French. In Russian.
    He lives vicariously through himself.
    His business card simply says, “I’ll call you.”
    Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I have no doubt the Dos Equis commercials are on the radio as well, but they’re definitely TV commercials. The radio versions just aren’t as funny because the images contribute to the hilarity as well.

      • Sarahnoid says:

        Houston was apparently a test market for the ads so we had the radio ones for a while before everyone else did. (So said a news story I heard a while back.) I just love them. I like the TV ones too, the radio ones just seem to catch me at just the right moment (the commute home, generally).

        The Most Interesting Man in the World has overtaken the “Real Men of Genius” for me. Fitting, I suppose.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      The only one of those I don’t like is the “He’d be in touch with his feminine side if he had one” because it sounds like a cop-out instead of him being awesome. If they’d come up with a snappy way of explaining that he thinks referring to your feminine side is stupid and sexist that would have been cool.

  23. Groovymarlin says:

    Well, that “Axe Ball Washer” commercial certainly made me do a double take the first time I saw it. So that’s what the chick from “My Name is Earl” is doing now…

  24. custommadescare says:

    The Jacks Links commercials with Sasquatch. Seriously, those are good times!

    • cryptique says:

      Those should be nominated in the “Worst Ad” category. Possibly the most inane ad campaign ever conceived.

  25. dangerp says:

    Vote – Old Spice guy.

  26. DanRydell says:

    I’m slightly biased, but I think the NHL makes some great ads.

    A couple from the playoffs last year:

    There are no words

    History will be made (the best of the series):

    Not afraid:

  27. Daverson says:

    I used to really hate the Geico gecko ads, but recently it occurred to me…If you watch them with the assumption that The Boss is hallucinating the talking lizard in each of the ads, they become rather surreal and almost enjoyable.

  28. DanRydell says:

    The Dodge Challenger ad from the World Cup is another of my favorites from the last year:

  29. blinky says:

    I really liked the DirectTV ad with the Russian mogul and the pet giraffe.

  30. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    “I Poo in Blue” from Huggies

  31. Macgyver says:

    This one is the funniest ad I’ve ever seen

    Every time I watch it, I can’t stop laughing.

  32. Hil-fish says:

    The Geico ad with soccer announcer Andres Cantor.


  33. magnetic says:

    I saw the Clorox commercial with the clapping and text describing how best to use Clorox to disinfect, and I thought it was remarkably effective. You pay attention and read the text. And think, “Hey, that doesn’t seem so hard.”

  34. NumberSix says:

    I think I’m beginning to see the point of annoying ads. I can’t think of any that I like, but I know there are some. I can think of plenty I hate and their products, so…

  35. framitz says:

    The best and most entertaining commercials are those where you don’t even know what their selling when it’s over.

  36. ames says:

    I love the one where the rabbits laugh at the snake who has a baby rattle instead of a real rattle.

  37. Josh R. says:

    My current favorite is the Nissan Leaf ad with the polar bear who journeys to suburbia to hug the guy who drives the Leaf.


  38. Dopaz says:

    Old Spice one-shot commercials.
    Dodge Challenger commercials (I’m biased though)
    Are those commercials where the guy throws his game controller into his friends TV still running? Loved those.

  39. tofupuppy says:

    1: Old Spice original edition with Isiah Mustafa (tickets to that thing you like! I’m on a horse.)
    2: Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World (any version)

  40. Acmys says:

    Delta “Keep Climbing” in Black and White is frickin beautiful.

  41. tailspin says:

    For some reason, I howl when that Wai-Chen Ferry (sp?) ad with the panda is on. “I didn’t really wanna go out anyway…” Kills me. So does the DirecTV ad with the mini giraffe, I totally want one of those for my birthday. :)

    The Old Spice ads with “The man your man could smell like” are the best though. I hope their ad agency wins a bajillion awards for those.

    (file away for next year’s worst ads — those “Education Connection” ads with the girl singing that 2-note song in her pj’s. I want to scream every time I hear that song.)

  42. Zernhelt says:

    The Allstate Mayhem ads are great. Particularly the one where Dean Winters is some girl driving an SUV.

  43. maneki neko says:

    Those Kotex commercials that make fun of the ridiculous conventions in tampon advertising are somewhat funny.

  44. Chooi says:

    The Dodge invisible monkey (ape) cartoon. It’s hilarious!

  45. RobofNYC says:

    I have to side with the Old Spice viral commercial. That shows real creativity.

  46. Kid Notorious says:

    Old Spice Guy, Bridgestone Astronauts, ANY Sportscenter Commercial.

  47. AshleyKeen says:

    + Geico’s Drill Sargent Therapist and Honest Abe make up for the annoying pig

    + BlackBerry’s Moby Dick commercial

  48. stint7 says:

    I hate DirecTV but my wife and i enjoy the giraffe spot as many of you do. Some of the Geico ads are clever, like the Abe Lincoln one.

  49. lukesdad says:

    The “my name is Peggy” guy. I don’t know why it cracks me up so much. It’s also one of those that I can’t remember what the commercial is for.

  50. pokinsmot says:

    I like the Gain detergent commercial where the woman is standing in the checkout line and “steals” the other woman’s gain without really stealing it.

  51. Event_Horizon says:

    Altoid Sours taste test with the leather glove.
    Any of the “Messing with Sasquatch” ads.

  52. supergeorgina says:

    The Zappos commercial with the puppet counting stuff on his fingers and he shrieks when he realizes he only has 4. Oh man! XD

  53. LACubsFan says:

    I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis!

  54. sjgarg says:

    Although they’re Canadian, the Reitmans fashion commercials over the past few years have been pretty funny.
    Fall 2009

    Spring 2010

    Fall 2010

  55. MovingTarget says:

    The ” How much wood would a wood chuck, chuck” by Progressive.

  56. sprocket79 says:

    I love the Old El Paso commercial where the little boy suggests a flat-bottomed taco shell and the family rejoices and carries him around on their shoulders. It’s for Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff Taco Shells. It makes me smile every time I see it. :)

  57. Eagle_020 says:

    My list has the Old Spice ‘I’m on a horse’ as well as the various Dos Equis commercials as favorites.

    But the absolute top has to be Discovery Channel’s ‘Boom-Dee-Yadda’ commercials. I actually stop and watch when those came on.

  58. Elphaba says:

    Old Spice and the “Does a former Drill Sergeant make a bad therapist”

  59. moderndemagogue says:

    Easily the new Budweiser – Grab Some Bud’s :60.

    Not even a question.

  60. Rocket says:

    Old Spice. I’m on a horse.

  61. Eric says:

    Can’t believe no one has nominated this one yet (at least I didn’t see it). The Sears/Maytag commercial with the WASPish couple shopping for washers. ” Better than just circles! Pfft! WHAT!…Sorry.” LOL! I crack up every time. Love the way the wife is looking at him.