Comcast Loves Corporate Synergy: Announces Jimmy Fallon Ride At Universal Studios

First things first: We have nothing against Jimmy Fallon. He seems like a nice enough guy and we’ve even enjoyed watching his show on occasion. But Fallon, just like any other talk show host, is not exactly someone you’d think to base a theme park ride on. That is, unless you’re Comcast and looking to load up your Universal Studios Orlando park with rides from brands you already control.

Fallon announced the ride, which will open in 2017 and be called “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon,” last night on his show on Comcast-owned NBC.

The host himself seemed a bit amused by the idea, and even managed to get in a dig at the ways in which theme parks prey on their captive audiences.

“The best part,” he explained, “You get to buy a T-shirt for two-hundred bucks on your way out.”

Fallon has a contract that keeps him on the show through 2021, so Comcast will have at least four years where they won’t have to worry about quickly rebranding the ride for Seth Meyers.

Meanwhile, a completely made-up source tells us that Comcast has completely forgotten that Carson Daly exists.

Very few details of the ride were announced, but we hope it’s not too similar to the driving desk bit that Conan O’Brien perfected during his time on NBC:

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