Man Wants Verizon FiOS, Keeps Getting Credit Score Dinged Instead

Todd’s subject line to us was, “Verizon FiOS hates me,” and maybe he’s right. Each time he tries to sign up for their package deal, they check his credit score, proceed with the sign-up process, then cancel everything at the last minute due to a “technical glitch.” They say he can try a third time if he wants.

Three weeks ago I saw an online only offer for a Verizon triple-play bundle and tried to sign up. After 15 minutes of frustration, chatting online, filling out forms, etc., I was finally given a number to call so I could sign up. I spent 45 minutes on the phone, but there was some sort of glitch in the system where I couldn’t get the three services bundled together, I would have to purchase them separately and get three separate bills – at no savings from my current setup (which is not Verizon) so I declined to continue.

A couple days later I got an e-mail from my credit score tracker that my credit was checked by Verizon and my score went down a couple points.

This week the guys at work are saying they got FiOS installed with that great online deal and they love it, had no problems. So last night I tried again.

I called back, gave them the story and was told there is no way I couldn’t get the triple play, so we started the process all over again – and yes, they had to check my credit again. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, at the very end of the signup process, some glitch happened in their system and the order for phone service got lost or removed and the only solution was to cancel the order and start all over again.

I said you have got to be kidding me? You just spent all this time on the phone, you checked my credit AGAIN, and now you want to start over? They said thy only way to order the triple play was to start over, and yes, check my credit a third time in three weeks. So I declined signing up again.

I can’t wait to get the email at the end of this month to let me know how many points I got dinged on my credit this time because of Verizon’s archaic systems and incompetent employees. Is it me, or does it seem like each service is a separate company and that’s where all this trouble occurs.

Anyone else having these problems?


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I don’t see why Verizon needs to do a hard credit check, versus a soft check which doesn not ding your credit.

    That being said, fool me once, fool me twice. Verizon clearly doesn’t want or need your business.

    • qwickone says:

      Don’t they have to do a hard pull when you’re applying for credit? Since you pay your bill after the fact, they are extending you credit (for one month). Is that right?

  2. apd09 says:

    don’t worry about your credit score. Unless you are planning on applying for new credit anytime in the next 6 months the 2 checks are not going to cause you much of a problem. And remember the assumed tiers of credit, there is not much difference in your score if it is a few points unless you are on the edge of the score range.

    There is not much difference between 720 and 740 and you can make up the difference in a matter of months from the dings.

    • galm666 says:

      If I’m right, I think that really there’s no difference between scores at certain cutoffs. Say, 760 being no different than an 820, etc.

      • apd09 says:

        right, that is basically what I was saying regarding the tiers of credit; now what those tiers actually are is a secret guarded as closely as the google search engine algorithms because if they got out then everyone would be gaming the system.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          But… *huff huff huff huff huff* my *hyperventilate* credit score *huff huff huff huff* is *huff huff* the only *huff huff pant pant huff tears* way to judge *cry sniff sniff* my worth as a person!!! *bursts into sobbing

  3. Liam Kinkaid says:

    I was under the impression that multiple hard inquiries from the same source in a relatively short period of time would be treated as a single inquiry. Am I imagining that?

    • stebu says:

      Not even that… multiple checks for the same reason also don’t generally affect you. Mortgage shopping is a prime example: without that in place, you would seriously ding your score.

    • humphrmi says:

      I know it’s true for mortgages, all hard pulls (even from multiple sources) are considered one pull by FICO scoring methods. I don’t know about this type.

    • Gulliver says:

      Yes, if you are shopping for a car or mortgage they consider it one hard pull in the algorithm. If you do multiple pulls from 10 credit card issuers, or gas cards, or department store cards it will cause issues. If you are worried about 2 points on your credit score you really need to start getting something going in your life. Your score is a picture in time. It changes every day based on when companies report and what goes on in your accounts. That is why most companies will only honor a credit report for a short period of time.

  4. JustLurking says:

    It’s high time for there to be real government action on credit agencies and scores. Even though some components of the makeup of a credit score are out there, the big scoring companies are moving beyond Fair Isaac and into proprietary land.

    So much of our lives can now be affected by credit scores, at the very least they should be required to release the scoring models.

    And we shouldn’t have to worry about a minor change to out entertainment choices screwing with out credit.

    • OmniZero says:

      Exactly this.

      We are in a world where some businesses determine our worth as humans and whether we are good with money or not. These systems that change scores merely by looking at our history is ridiculous. A number shouldn’t describe how responsible a person is. Especially not one from some businesses who are looking for money.

      • AnthonyC says:

        This is a point I’m conflicted on.

        First, they aren’t trying to measure your “worth as a human being.” Their trying to predict the likelihood that you will or won’t pay your debts, based on a complex statistical model of what characterizes people who have or have not paid their debts in the past. The models are, in general, pretty good, and without them it become much more difficult for lenders to price loans in a way they they can lend to the most people or offer low rates while still remaining profitable.

        Granted, they are used in practice for far than this, and I think that *is* a point for government action. I just moved to a new city. The utility companies (electric, too, not just verizon) require a credit check and *will not* provide service to someone with no credit history. What do people without credit cards do, just not have power?

        As for the score algorithm being mysterious, I don’t mind that so much. The general parameters are well known: have a mix of accounts, as old as possible, etc. But any system, if it’s rules are fully known, can be gamed, and that possibility would, itself, make the system less useful.

  5. AllanG54 says:

    Verizon stinks….each department is their own fiefdom and if you ever wanted to cancel you’d have to call all three departments. This happened to me in my business when I moved and had to have phone and DSL transferred and even though they use the same lines I was never told I had to call a different number to have them linked. Also, when I finally dropped them and went to cable I canceled but yet got billed for DSL for three months because the phone department never told the DSL department. They give you one bill but each unit is separate. You’re lucky you didn’t leave.

  6. Todd_F says:

    One pull was done at the end of August, the second pull was in September. So even tho it’s the same company, it was in a different 30-day period.

  7. Stubtify says:

    The entire process is so subjectively and hard to gauge. The biggest problem as I see it is that most people speak of their credit “Score” as if it was the score of a game. Two problems that I see with that are:

    1) Overwhelmingly people are seeing scores other than a true FICO score. These services pull your credit report and do their best to approximate a FICO score. They’ll be close, sure. 20-40 points one way or the other maybe. A 740 versus a 760, or even a 720 are all pretty much the same.

    2) The method used to calculate the score could change. Nothing on your credit report can change, but the economy, or external factors could lead the credit score company to change the way they calculate your score.

    Best advice I can give is to pay all your bills on time, and keep accounts open, but don’t use them unless you have the cash to pay them off. Leave debt for the house/car purchases, and you’ll be fine. Remember its not a search for the greatest score ever, it is meant to let a complete stranger know how responsible you are in paying them back.

  8. ahecht says:

    Only “hard” credit inquiries harm your credit. Since hard credit inquiries are really only supposed to be used when you are applying for a loan, you can pretty easily dispute them and get them removed from your credit report if they were placed by non-financial companies such as telephone providers, landlords, employers, etc. I’ve done this several times and never had my dispute rejected.

    Don’t try removing inquiries from companies that you actually have credit lines with, as it can mess up your credit report or place a fraud alert on your file.

  9. H3ion says:

    I bought FIOS triple play at a Verizon Wireless store and everything went as advertised. The Verizon rep at the store kept me informed as to install dates, etc. The service itself was great. Unfortunately, we moved to an area that doesn’t have FIOS and I’ve had to use Comcast (yeah, I know). The OP may want to try going to a brick and mortar Verizon store and having the signup done right there. At least there’s a human being who probably works on commission who is interested in seeing you succeed.

  10. Emerald4me says:

    Last month I spent an very frustrating hour on the phone with 4 different reps from Verizon after my sister-in-law called to tell me my elderly mom’s phone was out of service. Went to mom’s house and she had no idea what was going on. (Mom has no cell phone.) Call Verizon and they said “Annette” did not pay her Fios bill so they shut the number off. I explained that that was not my mom’s name, nor my name, and that her landline was her only way to communicate if she needed 911. Plus the fact that mom does not own a computer, much less know how to work one! After 3 transfers, they didn’t care. I would have to call billing in the morning. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on!! Billing straigthened it out but mom had to go an evening with a phone. Not good to see your elderly mom worried (but still refusing to use a cell phone).

  11. jvanbrecht says:

    Verizon FIOS==Awesome

    Verizon Billing/Customer Service/Cable Card Support (install support is pretty good though)… = Abysmal Failure

    This has been going on for years, since the days before FIOS even existed. They have never been able to resolve the billing issues. I was supposed to get a discount with my triple play, I had to call every month for them to apply it as the system kept billing me the normal rate, not the initial discounted rate, after 4 months of having to call every month and spend 45 min on the phone, I gave up and ate the additional minor cost, only because my only other option was Comcrap, never will I use them.. even if I have to end up back at dialup service and over the air TV.

    Those other specials they offered, $100 visa gift card, small 17″ hdtv (or something), took people months to get those, if they even did, and many many calls to customer service.

    Go peruse the Verizon forums on… and you will see the ineptitude that is Verizon service.

    Although, once you get it, and it is working, it is absolutely flawless, I have not had a single outage, or any problems (other than the tivo related hot signal issue that required attenuators, but that was a tivo problem).

  12. Puddy Tat says:

    I would call and ask for the office of the CEO – I would ask them where they would like for me to send the bill for the ding to your credit due to their admitted broken system.

    Then I would estimate 1% off your brand new car loan and send them a bill and ask them that this will need to be paid in an expedient manner or you will take them to small claims because you have all the proof you would need!

  13. T says:

    I have been going through a month long nightmare of trying to get digital phone added to my current Fios TV and internet package. I currently have my third appointment set up for them to come by and do the hook up. Both the previous orders were lost due to technical glitches. The second one was even given special attention by a supervisor and was supposed to go off without a hitch (after lots of work getting it to go through). I don’t know how many people I spoke with total or how much time I’ve already put in trying to get this done. The funny thing is that I didn’t have any trouble when they initially installed Fios. Some of the people I have dealt with at Verizon have been very helpful and seemingly competent. I can only believe that Verizon must have a ridiculously complicated and touchy system.

  14. Boatski says:

    How about: Me wants Verizon FiOS, but it will never be in my area.

  15. TasteyCat says:

    I wouldn’t call Verizon for service without a freeze on my reports. They don’t have to check your credit. They just choose to do so. Even if they insist you unfreeze, at least you don’t get surprised by an inquiry they never told you about.

  16. pot_roast says:

    They do a hard pull, yes. I found this out the hard way when they did something as simple as correcting the spelling of my name on my bill.

    I wrote them a letter asking them to remove it, and it no longer shows up on my credit report. Credit reporting is an even more broke-ass system anyway.

  17. FiOSTechKevin says:

    I apologize for the problems with getting your order through.

    If you happen to read this, Todd, we can research the issue and get things worked out for you.
    So if you happen to be reading, please fill out our information form (so we can get your info securely) and we will be more than happy to help.

    ~KevinB – Verizon Social Media – –

    • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

      It’s great that you’re offering to help a single customer, Kevin, but when is Verizon going to deal with the clusterf*ck billing and customer service systems you have?

      I was trying to get something resolved on my FiOS account a few months ago and got transferred to a department that only deal with Homeowner’s Associations. And another time got put on hold just before 6PM, when the call center conveniently closed. Somehow got picked up in Tech Support, who of course couldn’t help, and round and round and round.

      And then can we talk about why VZ feels it’s necessary to put ads for DSL service in the envelope with my Triple Play FiOS bill?