Is It Time For Starbucks To Get Rid Of Tall, Grande and Venti?

The topic of Starbucks’ drink sizes has once again been in the news lately. And it’s brought up the discussion of the coffee company’s insistence on sticking with size names like “tall,” “grande” and “venti.”

While many would say that the tall is actually a small, others would say that the “short” — not listed on the menu — is the true small size. But maybe the tall is really the small and the short is extra small or junior size?

If tall is medium, then what is grande? Is that large? And if so, does that make the venti extra large?

Would all this be solved by Starbucks just going with less interesting size names? What about a compromise that would involve Starbucks employees from not glaring at you when you order a “large coffee”?

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