Verizon Sends Customer One Pre-Broken Droid After Another

Colin would like a functioning smartphone. Unfortunately, he purchased the original Motorola Droid from Verizon, and tells Consumerist that somehow the company is unable to provide him with one. His fifth replacement phone was shipped to a Verizon Wireless store, where Colin had to convince the manager that there was actually a problem with the phone…all for nothing, since the manager didn’t note his account about the broken phone as promised.

My original Moto Droid was purchased in December of last year and
worked perfectly until the Android 2.1 update at the beginning of
April of this year. Ever since the 2.1 update, I was unable to stay
connected to WiFi hot-spots including my home network. I called
Motorola who was able to troubleshoot the issue with me, Unfortunately
they said that there must be an issue with the wireless radio and to
call Verizon about getting a replacement. I called Verizon who came to
the same conclusion and offered to send me a “Like New Certified
Replacement.” Here are the list of consecutive broken phones I’ve
received since then along with the dates they were sent out:

6/10 – Proximity sensor was broken, screen turned off immediately upon
making a call. Unable to even activate phone because of this.
Replacement requested.

6/15 – Proximity sensor was intermittent, screen and keypad will turn
on periodically while talking on the handset leading to pressed
buttons and/or prematurely ended calls. I got by using a Bluetooth
headset most of the time although once it ran out, I was forced to
endure the handset problems. I called to have it replaced after a
particularly long conference call with the VP of my company and I
inadvertently hung up on him because of this problem. Replacement

8/12 – This phone came to me with an obviously bent slide-out
mechanism between the screen and the keyboard. The screen loosely and
limply slid out and was not secure. Replacement requested.

8/18 – Keyboard was not mounted properly to phone resulting in
inability to use all keys, other times I would get multiple characters
with one key press. Replacement requested.

9/8 – After calling and getting Executive customer Support involved,
the rep, [redacted], decided to ship a replacement phone to a local
Verizon store so the manager can inspect it beforehand. When I get
there today (9/8), the box is open, but the phone is still under
shrink wrap and has clearly not been inspected. The mechanism between
the keyboard and screen is noticeably bent/misaligned and loose. The
name I was given from Executive Customer Service as the Store Manager
responsible for overseeing this exchange was J. I’m then told
that there is not a manager named J. who works at this location.
I ask the manager on duty, S., to inspect the phone. She says, “I’m
not wearing my glasses, but it looks fine to me.” I then ask her to
feel the difference between the other phones I was bringing back and
this one, she agrees that the screen is noticeably loose and agrees to
note this in the comments of my account. After leaving the store,
agitated and frustrated, I call 611 and speak to a CSR who confirms my
worst fear, not only did S. not note that the screen was bent and
loose, she actually stated that it was in proper working condition
meaning she lied to my face.


I am beyond frustrated with this whole ordeal. Nobody will listen to
me about the fact that I believe that these phones are getting damaged
in transit to me. I am attaching a link to a picture I took of how
these refurbs are being shipped out. They are simply shrink wrapped to
a cardboard insert which exerts too much force on the slider
mechanism. Every one of the phones packaged this way are also only
1/2″ from the outside of the box with no padding protecting the
handset from being damaged in shipping.


I’m at the end of my rope and I hate giving up, but I’ve sunk way too
much time in to this ordeal as it is and I’m considering just living
with a substandard and pre-broken phone with a 90 day warranty. That’s
the only reason I’m still interested in keeping up the fight, at the
end of 90 days I don’t want to be stuck with a phone with a broken
slider. Can the Consumerist help me?

Verizon has proven themselves useless in this case. Have any owners of dud Droids had luck seeking help from Motorola?

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