How To Always Remember Where You Parked

In the anxiety-inducing Seinfeld episode “The Parking Garage,” the gang wanders hopelessly through a parking structure, unable to remember where they left their car. Too bad they lived in the days before keyless entry panic buttons and digital cameras were ubiquitous.

Wired put together a wiki filled with clever tips on how to track down the spot you left your jalopy. Among the highlights:

*Download a smartphone app, such as Parking Mate or Carr Matey, which identify your spot using GPS.

*Snap a photo of your spot with identifying landmarks in the background.

*Tie a bright cloth to your antenna.

The wiki doesn’t include my preferred method: To push the panic button and drift in the direction of the sound in a game of Marco Polo that annoys everyone within a 200-yard radius.

How do you remember where you parked?

Hack Your Parking [Wired]

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