Verizon Sends Customer One Pre-Broken Droid After Another

Colin would like a functioning smartphone. Unfortunately, he purchased the original Motorola Droid from Verizon, and tells Consumerist that somehow the company is unable to provide him with one. His fifth replacement phone was shipped to a Verizon Wireless store, where Colin had to convince the manager that there was actually a problem with the phone…all for nothing, since the manager didn’t note his account about the broken phone as promised.

My original Moto Droid was purchased in December of last year and
worked perfectly until the Android 2.1 update at the beginning of
April of this year. Ever since the 2.1 update, I was unable to stay
connected to WiFi hot-spots including my home network. I called
Motorola who was able to troubleshoot the issue with me, Unfortunately
they said that there must be an issue with the wireless radio and to
call Verizon about getting a replacement. I called Verizon who came to
the same conclusion and offered to send me a “Like New Certified
Replacement.” Here are the list of consecutive broken phones I’ve
received since then along with the dates they were sent out:

6/10 – Proximity sensor was broken, screen turned off immediately upon
making a call. Unable to even activate phone because of this.
Replacement requested.

6/15 – Proximity sensor was intermittent, screen and keypad will turn
on periodically while talking on the handset leading to pressed
buttons and/or prematurely ended calls. I got by using a Bluetooth
headset most of the time although once it ran out, I was forced to
endure the handset problems. I called to have it replaced after a
particularly long conference call with the VP of my company and I
inadvertently hung up on him because of this problem. Replacement

8/12 – This phone came to me with an obviously bent slide-out
mechanism between the screen and the keyboard. The screen loosely and
limply slid out and was not secure. Replacement requested.

8/18 – Keyboard was not mounted properly to phone resulting in
inability to use all keys, other times I would get multiple characters
with one key press. Replacement requested.

9/8 – After calling and getting Executive customer Support involved,
the rep, [redacted], decided to ship a replacement phone to a local
Verizon store so the manager can inspect it beforehand. When I get
there today (9/8), the box is open, but the phone is still under
shrink wrap and has clearly not been inspected. The mechanism between
the keyboard and screen is noticeably bent/misaligned and loose. The
name I was given from Executive Customer Service as the Store Manager
responsible for overseeing this exchange was J. I’m then told
that there is not a manager named J. who works at this location.
I ask the manager on duty, S., to inspect the phone. She says, “I’m
not wearing my glasses, but it looks fine to me.” I then ask her to
feel the difference between the other phones I was bringing back and
this one, she agrees that the screen is noticeably loose and agrees to
note this in the comments of my account. After leaving the store,
agitated and frustrated, I call 611 and speak to a CSR who confirms my
worst fear, not only did S. not note that the screen was bent and
loose, she actually stated that it was in proper working condition
meaning she lied to my face.


I am beyond frustrated with this whole ordeal. Nobody will listen to
me about the fact that I believe that these phones are getting damaged
in transit to me. I am attaching a link to a picture I took of how
these refurbs are being shipped out. They are simply shrink wrapped to
a cardboard insert which exerts too much force on the slider
mechanism. Every one of the phones packaged this way are also only
1/2″ from the outside of the box with no padding protecting the
handset from being damaged in shipping.


I’m at the end of my rope and I hate giving up, but I’ve sunk way too
much time in to this ordeal as it is and I’m considering just living
with a substandard and pre-broken phone with a 90 day warranty. That’s
the only reason I’m still interested in keeping up the fight, at the
end of 90 days I don’t want to be stuck with a phone with a broken
slider. Can the Consumerist help me?

Verizon has proven themselves useless in this case. Have any owners of dud Droids had luck seeking help from Motorola?


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  1. MustWarnOthers says:

    Jesus, all that money spent on shipping, packaging and repairs of these obviously refurbished phones could have been spent on just getting him a brand new phone (Possibly a Droid 2).

    That would have been a hell of a lot more cost effective for the company, especially considering the possible loss of the customer.

    • damageinc says:

      People have randomly been getting new Droid 2’s for replacements. Verizon said they said they send D2’s when they are back ordered on refurb D1’s. Unfortunately news of this spread quickly and now many people are finding (or making up) something wrong with their phone to try to get a free upgrade.

      In this person’s case, I would tell the phone rep (don’t bother going into the store again) that you will not accept another refurb. Make it clear you haven’t had a proper working phone for almost two months and you’re tired of it. Push hard enough and you’ll get a nice new Droid 2 or Droid X (because they don’t make new Droid 1’s anymore)

  2. buckeyegoose says:

    Keep having them send you replacements, everthought the Multi-FRU policy has been stoped, perhaps Verizon will get the hint and send you a bran new droid.

  3. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    This whole refurbished thing is bullshit.

    In his situation when he’s in the 90-day window, I would require a new unit or cancel the order completely. If he cancels, and then re-orders later, he’ll get the new unit the begin with.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I thought it was 30 days to return a phone and cancel a contract.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        I suppose that might be his situation – phone purchased with contract.

        This is why these contracts are bogus. I suppose he’d have to cancel the phone AND contract within 30 days then if he can.

    • Random Guy on the Internet says:

      I completely agree with you…”Certified Refurb” is just bullshit lingo for, “I’m too cheap to send you a new phone, and I really don’t care much for customer support..” I have a Droid, but I have been very fortunate to have not experienced any issues with mine. It works like a charm. I hope Colin will eventually get a new Droid, and not one that came from Verizon’s “Lemonade stand”.

      • ITDEFX says:

        I agree, their Like New replacements are usually worse then what you buy from them new. The only time I was given a brand new phone was when I got the voyager..I got that thing exchanged 5 times in one month :(

      • The Waffle says:

        Actually, most refurbs (at least when I worked at Apple) usually only had the old external parts. Refurbs had pretty much nearly all new internal components.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      I really don’t understand why refurbished phones are universally so bad.

      For a lot of products, the refurbished are just as good or better than new because they go through a more thorough QA/QC process. I’ve never had a problem buying refurbished tools from Dewalt or GPS units from Garmin.

      • dragonfire81 says:

        Depending on who’s doing the refurbing and how well they are doing it, you never know what you’re going to get. When it comes to video game consoles for example, refurbished units are a very mixed back. It’s the same with cell phones.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          Mixed back? Haha. But yeah, I agree. I have a refurb iPhone and (knock on wood) it has performed admirably so far.

  4. parsonsdj1 says:

    I’m sensing a ready solution. Buy an iPhone!

    • colinjay says:

      Been there done that. The iPhone is the whole reason I switched to Verizon and the Droid once my contract was up. The iPhone was useless here in Houston, constant dropped calls and no data. Loved the phone, hated the service. Now I’m in the opposite predicament, hate the phone and love the service.

    • Demonpiggies says:

      I have another… stop trolling!

      An Iphone?… really?… because AT&T is the best! /sarcasm

      I’m not a fan of VZ or AT&T so I don’t care either way but I’m having a similar issue with my phone which is WM not IPhone or Droid. And it seems harder to get a replacement IPhone then a Droid (in my roommate’s situation anyway).

    • Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

      I hate AT&T, but I’m stuck with them because of my iPhone. My entire family all have iPhones (3 with 3Gs and 2 with 3GSs), and NONE of us have had to even visit the Genius Bar to have them looked at. Besides reception issues due to AT&T being crummy, they have worked like a dream.

      My friend J, however, bought his Droid a week after my iPhone and is on his 7th Droid, with the 8th soon on its way. Another friend, N, has already had to return her DroidX twice.

      It’s a trade-off: crummy coverage or crummy hardware?

    • sleze69 says:

      But what if he wants a real keyboard or to be able to install any software he wants?

  5. NarcolepticGirl says:

    Me and the boyfriend have not had any issues with our Droids.

    Also, am I the only person who doesn’t use wifi on their phone?
    What’s the difference? I browse the internet all the time without turning it on.

    I’m just wondering why people use it.

    • FreshPorcupineSalad says:

      Wow.. just… wow.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        Wow what?
        That I don’t feel the need to use wifi on a 4″ inch screen to browse the internet for hours at a time while my laptop/pc is right next to me?
        Maybe my speed is faster than most? i don’t know. I’m going to use it when I get home and see if there’s a real difference. But, like I mentioned, I usually use my pc anyway.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Seriously? WiFi is about a billion times faster than 3G. My iPhone is set to pick up my WiFi network as soon as I get home.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        Oh. My phone seems to work fine without having it on.
        If i’m at home, I use my pc. When I’m at work I use my pc.
        So I guess it’s really useless for me to use wifi unless I’m maybe sitting in a Starbucks and browsing the internet on my phone for an hour or so?

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          When we visit the in laws, I’ll use my phone for hours on their WiFi because I don’t want to take up time on their laptops. When i’m at home, I use my phone a lot because we just want to do little things like check a price, check wikipedia, IMDB, or other things and it’s easier to look it up on the app rather than get the laptop for five minutes.

        • Shadowman615 says:

          There are plenty of occasions where I’m not next to a computer at home and want to make use of the wifi speed on my phone. And there’s more to Internet connectivity than just browsing the web and checking e-mail. Online-enabled phone-apps, for example. Part of the point of having wifi in the house is the ability to connect multiple devices to it from anywhere in the house.

    • syzygy says:

      Hey, an honest question and snarky responses. Way to go, guys!

      Don’t worry, NarcolepticGirl. Wifi is faster, but you’re probably like me, and have a computer with a nice big screen at home for surfing. 3G is plenty fast when I’m out and about, and I’m not about to spend hours surfing on a 4″ screen.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        yeah, I guess that’s how I am.
        I use my computer at work, my pc at home.
        Most of the time when I use the browser on my phone, it’s for looking up a phone number while in the car or maybe checking my bank account.
        But the speed seems fine to me.

    • ViperBorg says:

      because not all of us use CDMA or GSM, there are, believe it or not, some of us who still prefer the instant communication of iDEN (Nextel) and the data speed on there is extremely slow, so wifi is a wonderful thing to have on my phone to download apps and such.

    • fokensheatman says:

      a neat thing about using wifi on your phone is that you can talk on the phone and use the internet. so, you can be using a bluetooth or the speaker phone and still be talking.

  6. ITDEFX says:

    I dunno…ever since I started using a touch screen phone (voyager 2 years ago), I have been having nothing but problems ranging from weird software issues to touch screen issues to battery life issues. Roughly one month after my Env Touch warranty expires, the touch screen dies! :( Verizon said tough shit so now I am stuck with a phone with a useless touch screen and have to open the screen to dial :(

  7. Wayne W says:

    This is why I no longer carry Verizon’s insurance, instead choosing a rider on my home owner’s insurance plan. If something breaks on my phone I get the money to buy a new one rather than getting a “refurbished” one as is Verizon’s practice.

  8. visualplastik says:

    I paid the monthly warranty to Best Buy. You can walk in and get a new phone for nothing if you have the full warranty.

    It’s not a new purchase so thats out. So otherwise I would say get a Pre Plus or something cheap on Ebay while they sort it out. You can activate any Verizon phone on the fly.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      Sometimes those Best Buy warranties pay for themselves. I purchased such a warranty in ’96 with my first new computer with a monitor. About 60 days out the monitor went bad and all I had to do was to return it and I got a new one. The monitor was priced at about $400.00 back then so it paid off.

      • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

        The monitor didn’t have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty?

      • JonBoy470 says:

        If you have their Geek Squad Black Tie Service Plan, Best Buy will in fact attempt to fix your phone if you break it, so long as they have a repair agreement with the manufacturer. And they have such an agreement with most manufacturers, the notable exception being Research In Motion. So if your Blackberry dies, you get a new phone on the spot from the store’s inventory. If they don’t have the same model in stock at the time, you pick a new one based on the no-contract price of your old phone. Thanks to this arrangement, I was able to trade my wife’s Blackberry Curve with a jacked-up USB charging jack (pun intended) for a brand new Blackberry Bold. Whole thing took half an hour (on a Saturday, no less) counting the time they took to activate the new phone.

  9. vastrightwing says:

    Buy a dumb phone. They have no sensors to break, a greatly simplified keyboard with no sliding mechanism to break, no expensive data plan you have to subscribe to, they’re cheap so when they break, you throw them away and buy a new one. The stories about “smart phones” breaking and not working the way they’re supposed to is amazing. Everyday there’s a new story about this phone and that phone not working or $5,000 data usage story. I’ve not heard one story about a cheap dumb phone causing problems. Hummm……

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      Yep. Two years ago I bought the Motorola Razr from T-Mobile and I buy pre-paid minutes. It’s worth every penny and it never fails me.

    • Ouze says:

      That’s like the analogy of how an idiot never really screws up. The reason is, no one ever puts the idiot in charge of anything important.

    • Bunnies Attack! says:

      You also lose a lot of functionality though. The people that buy smartphones want all the extras, not just make calls. Its like telling someone with car problems to just buy a bike because it’ll also get them from point A to point B.

      PS: I’m writing this as someone who’s got a straighttalk pay-as-you-go dumbphone because that covers most of my bases and is cheap… although I have basic internet access, I do sometimes have smartphone envy.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      It’s pointless to suggest to someone who wants a smartphone that they should get a dumbphone. Suggesting a different smartphone is a valid solution. Suggesting they not get a smartphone at all is idiotic.

    • johnrhoward says:

      That’s some really stupid advice. That’s like telling someone who complains that their car is in the shop all the time to just walk instead to avoid the problems.

      Sure dumbphones are more reliable. But some people want cell phones for more than just making calls and texting. I barely talk on my phone, I mostly use it for internet access, music, and other computer type functions.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      Great advice!

      The harddrive failed on my laptop so I decided to just replace it with a typewriter. The typewriter never crashes, doesn’t need software updates, and just works! It got me through college in the pre-computer days just fine (back when professors refused to accept papers handwritten or printed on a dot matrix printer).

    • RayanneGraff says:

      The first phones I had, waaaaay back in the late 90s, were dumbphones & they all had problems. The first one wouldn’t place or recieve calls, the second one was fine, then the third one just completely dies after less than a year. Repeat process ad nauseam. I’ve had multitudes of dumbphones take a shit, more so than any smartphone I’ve ever had.

    • shockwaver1 says:

      Actually, my dumbphone gives me nothing but problems. The battery case is cracked, the screen doesn’t close properly. Despite it being a flip phone, it still manages to take pictures and call people in my pocket. The battery barely lasts two days. If I hold it wrong, my service drops to nil (Yes, it has a ‘death grip’).

      I also have a second-hand iphone on just a data plan. And I love the damn thing to pieces. Has never given me any grief. So yeah. Anecdotal evidence FTW?

  10. katarzyna says:

    I buy a lot of stuff online, but when it comes to a cell phone, I like to go to a kiosk or B&M store. That way I can test out the new phone before taking it home, and if there’s something wrong, demonstrate it right away to the sales staff.

  11. aaron8301 says:

    I know this doesn’t help, and that the OP deserves a good working phone, but it’s a Motorola – does it really surprise anyone? Their quality has gone so far downhill in the last decade it’s amazing they still even make phones.

    At one point a couple years back, they were considering selling off the handset portion of their business. That’s right, they realized they sucked so bad at making phones, they almost willingly stopped.

    Although VZ does owe the OP a functional Droid, I think his next phone should be from a different manufacturer. Samsung and HTC make some sweet Android phones.

    • visualplastik says:

      The Droids I’ve seen are built like a tank. This is Verizon’s issue for intentionally passing off their pre-abused hardware.

  12. Warai says:

    I have been having the exact same problem with my Droid and it’s subsequent replacements. First replacement was for separated glass allowing dust under the screen. Second was for a faulty headphone jack that could simply not keep a connection constantly cutting out my audio. The third (the phone I currently have) has the same problem with the headphone jack and the slider mechanism is extremely loose. Pressing anywhere on the screen causes it to wobble back and forth on the sliding mechanism. I agree that this is probably caused by the lack luster way they package these devices. I will be taking mine back early next week and am going to attempt to get a different phone or an early upgrade as a few people have been able to manage.

    • colinjay says:

      Ten bucks says you got one of the ones I sent back.

      The rep at Executive Customer Service told me that she’s never heard of anyone having problems with multiple replacements even though I referred her to a previous article on the Consumerist about someone on their third broken replacement Droid. Sorry to hear that you are in the same situation.

  13. shemnon says:

    That slider mechanism is precisely why I returned the phone after owning it for all of 28 hours after it’s release. Then they tried to tag me with the ETF. Then they rolled back the ETF, but kept the sales tax on the bill. Took me till the next year to get all of the bogus charges taken off and pay the $10 of airtime I actually used. To put a cherry on top, I got a letter from them a couple of months ago asking me to come back and buy a Droid X, but they got my address wrong! Funny how billing always got my address right, even when that was often the only thing they got right.

    Now I am on a GSM network where I can call my wife and check the traffic at the same time before I head home. It’s not just the incompetence that is keeping me off of VZW.

  14. colinjay says:

    OP here,
    According to everyone I’ve spoken to, it is now Verizon policy that broken phones only get Certified Like-New Replacements. The best offer I’ve been given is to have my eligibility for a new phone moved from 10/2011 to now so that I can pay $150 for a new Incredible, Droid 2 or Droid X and sign a new 2 year contract. I have been told in no uncertain terms that getting a new phone, despite my documented issues is out of the question as it, “Costs the Store Managers money out of their pockets without a contract extension.” As if that is some great concern of mine.

    I’ve been very clear from the beginning. I’m not trying to get a better or more current phone. All I want is a non-broken unmolested original Motorola Droid like the one I sent them in the first place. I regret not just living with wonky WiFi on my first phone which was otherwise perfect.

    BTW- My FedEx deliver driver thinks this whole thing is hilarious. He now know me by name and probably my dogs as well.

    • aja175 says:

      Just send an EECB. the callcenters can’t help you, but Ivan will. I had the same problem, 8 replacement droids then I sent an EECB. Within 48 hours of sending that I had a new incredible.

  15. mandy_Reeves says:

    There is no Lemon Law with phones? I mean call me ignoran and naive, I have had maybe 3 phones in my life, so I don’t understand the new fangled policies. But at what point do they refund his money and say “our bad, here’s your money back and a NEW phone” Am I that jaded to think this is how a company should handle things?

  16. insomniacmeg says:

    I don’t know how relevant this is, but my Droid’s touchscreen slowly died over the summer. At first I couldn’t use the bottom, and then the side….Because of the way the phone is set up, if the screen fails, you can’t even answer a call.
    Anyway, I called Verizon two weeks ago and they promised to replace it. Two days later I got a brand new Droid II in the mail, for free. They included a very apologetic note, saying they ran out of Droid I’s and to please accept this replacement.
    All I can say is, try this week, maybe they’re out of bum Droids for good, or demand they send you a Droid II.

    • colinjay says:

      Do you have the handset insurance through Verizon? That has never been offered to me and while I strongly prefer the Droid1 to the Droid2 (hate the new Moto Blur software) I’d take a new in the box Droid2 and go back to my regularly scheduled life if it were sent to me.

  17. johnrhoward says:

    I see a lot of these people on cell phone forums that exchange phone after phone after phone and are never happy with it. I’m always skeptical of them. It seems like the odds of one person getting so many broken phones in a row has to be pretty small unless all of the phones are broken. But if that were the case, there’d be a lot more complaints.

    I tend to think these are usually people who either break them themselves somehow through misuse, or don’t know what they’re doing, so they don’t know how it’s supposed to work, or they’re just too picky about their phones being absolutely perfect.

    All this guy’s issues sound like legitimate issues, and if they are, they really need to get him a working phone. But I’ve seen too many people who complain about every phone they get to not be skeptical of these kinds of claims.

    • colinjay says:

      When I bought the phone in December, I also bought one for my wife. Since that time I’ve had 5 additional Droids in my hands. After handling seven phones I think I’m pretty qualified to know know what the phone is supposed to look like and how it supposed to operate.

      If I accept something less than what I sent in to them than I’m no better off than I was in the first place, not to mention the hours of time that I’ve lost copying data, installing apps and reconfiguring the phone(s). Sure, this phone will do what it is supposed to do but my problem is, what happens after the 90 day warranty runs out and the slider doesn’t work? Verizon is going to tell me to get bent.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      I think some people are more sensitive to defects than others.

      On the iPhone 3G, virtually every one made has the same defect — a small amount of light bleeds between the bezel and screen on the left side, just below the volume buttons. There’s a small rubber seal that doesn’t make contact in this area due to manufacturing issues and it can lead to dust getting behind the screen.

      Most people don’t even notice and those who do, most don’t really care. However, there are a lot of people who get annoyed at plunking down that much cash, and then getting replacement after replacement that has the same issue.

  18. milkcake says:

    I had my sprint moment broken too. It wouldn’t have GPS. Sprint gave me a refurbished phone as well, which I was at first disappointed. But, the refurbished one is indistinguishable from the new one and works just as new. So I’m happy. Just different experience here with refurbished phone and with a different company. So I don’t think all refurbished phones are equal.

  19. aja175 says:

    Quit wasting your time, just send an eecb. The callcenters have no power besides sending you another broken droid.
    If you’d like I’ll send you the letter I sent Ivan for the exact same problem. I went thru 8 droids before I sent an eecb and got an incredible.

  20. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    Take a permanent marker and write what’s wrong with the phone across the front of it before sending it back.

  21. describe_one says:

    Normally I would have some level of skepticism here, but I have gone through the same thing rather recently with my Motorola Backflip AT&T Andrioid phone. I will share it, because it is very similar, but I had to get several new phones out of the box instead of crappy refurb phones. Most of those phones never get fixed at all because the techs can’t re-create the problem. They just send out another broken phone, so I am quite sympathetic.

    I had a phone that worked absolutely perfect except that the browser on the phone would not go online. I found this odd because lots of apps I had were on the internet and working fine. I went back to the store the day after I purchased the phone and they said that they couldn’t fix it. They then sent me to a service center to get a replacement. The techs listened to my story and decided the phone needed to replaced as well (which who was I to argue even though I mentioned that it worked fine except for this issue).
    When I got my 1st replacement (new, in the box) I took it home and figured this one will be fine. WRONG! That phone’s screen would randomly pixelate and freeze…it also couldn’t access the internet through the browser. I called executive customer service at this point and they find that it’s an account setting and that there was never anything wrong with my first phone. Solved the access problem, but now I have a phone that is really broken. I go back to the store and try to get my old phone back only to find they shipped it out for repairs already and I could not get it back. They were also out of new Backflips, so I had to wait a few days. They were very careful to explain to me that I could not get another new phone if they swapped it out again (for the third time). This made me extremely mad for some reason because it was not my fault they sent away a perfectly good phone and gave me a crap one. At this point it was a 50-50 chance in my head that I would get a phone that did not work as well as the first one I purchased (even though they were new). The tech wouldn’t budge and I came back in a couple of days. The new phone worked fine, but it was a crappy ordeal; eating up hours and hours of my time. I love the phone, but will definately choose another manufacturer for Andriod if I can.

  22. emmsan13 says:

    I have just finished dealing with something like this situation. The original droid just like any other has different revisions of the phone its self. My original droid that i bought was the 44/09 version. This phone didn’t have the FLAT FLAT keyboard that most droids like the 23/10 and the 43/09 versions. I also got 3 different droid phones with speaker issues and dropping calls(with my boss no less, he wasn’t very happy).What the person with the broken droid needs to do is talk to the right verizon department and let them know in a nice and calm voice with out being angry what the situation is. I did this and the person who helped me was very very kind and sent me a droid 2 for all the troubles that I have been having. The Droid 1 isn’t a bad phone its just sometimes the replacements aren’t good. I hope that this will help the person with the problem. If there are any questions please comment back thank you all and have a great day :)

  23. BayardMozie says:

    I guess I was luckier… my first VZW smartphone was a Droid Eris which worked fine until the 2.1 Android update, which broke in-car bluetooth. Luckily it was a known bug with no fix available, and I was persistent enough (after 3 or 4 calls and emails w/VZW higher-level customer service) to convince them to let me restart a new contract with a new Moto Droid. The OP probably should have gone this route after the 2nd busted replacement.

  24. Puddy Tat says:

    I would talk with the same VP and ask him to explain what is going on here at Verizon 5 replacements in that time frame is completely unacceptable!

    I would tell him sense they cannot actually provide you with a working phone at this point they have broken the terms of service in the contract, you have been more then patient but this is at an end!

    I would ask him what he would expect as a customer with service such as this I would ask him what would you do? Would you demand the last 2-months if not for the whole year of service be comp’d?

    Further would you ask him to personally inspect the phone and hand deliver the new phone to your house.


  25. sardonumspa says:

    We have had a number of refurbished Droid1s arrive from Verizon, all with varying problems like the OP described. We are a large company, and finally insisted to our rep that we wanted a Droid2 substituted on an account that had received five (5!) replacements.

    I have read in the Android forums that the Droid1 stock is about exhausted and some people have been receiving Droid2s without raising a fuss… some on their first exchange.

  26. colinjay says:

    OP following up…

    I just sent an email off to Ivan Seidenberg. We shall see if that helps my cause.

  27. speechteach says:

    Here a link to a similiar situation – scroll down to my comments at the end. The EECB worked for me.

  28. ToddMU03 says:

    I went through 4 Motorola Droids myself. Finally got them to give me an Incredible.

  29. mikells43 says:

    866 406 5154 call that, NEVER EVER CALL 611. thats level 2 tech support. they will help u. if not just hang up on them. vzw has supassed their job in my case. im a very very satisfyed customer.

  30. highmodulus says:

    Show us your Verizon face!

  31. kamiikoneko says:

    I really have always had trouble with Motorola. They don’t make good phones, that’s all. They have no UI brains, and no QA brains either, apparently. I had a Droid and hated it. I got a Droid Incredible made by HTC, and loved it.

  32. jdmba says:

    75 comments in, I might as well write in sand on the beach but …

    … I am on Incredible # 3. Incredible # 2 was shipped to me with a broken speaker (it also looked horrible). I suspect that VZW runs their phones through electronic tests but does not do a detailed physical inspection. That’s why all these defects are physical and not electronic.