McDonald's Makes Hot Chocolate Hot, Gets Sued When It Spills

Almost 16 years to the day after a jury ordered McDonald’s to pay a customer $2 million in the infamous hot coffee lawsuit, it’s deja vu all over again for the fast food giant. A Chicago-area woman has filed a lawsuit against the Golden Arches over a spilled hot beverage; the difference this time is that it’s hot chocolate.

According to the suit filed yesterday in Cook County Circuit Court: In April 2009, the woman purchased a hot chocolate from the drive-thru window at a McDonald’s. But, claims the lawsuit, the lid for the cup wasn’t secured properly and hot chocolate spilled onto her daughter’s legs, causing “severe pain and scarring.”

The plaintiff, who is seeking unspecified damages, also says McDonald’s should have known that the hot chocolate was too hot to drink.

The damages in that 1994 case were later decreased by a judge and the plaintiff ultimately settled with McDonald’s for an undisclosed sum, believed to be in the area of $600,000.

Hot chocolate spill leads to lawsuit [Chicago Tribune]

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