Mom Sues Starbucks After She Spills Hot Tea On Her Baby

It’s not surprising that a parent who accidentally scalds their child with hot tea would end up in a courtroom. But it isn’t usually the case that said parent is the plaintiff, suing Starbucks for doing what they do best — or at least do a lot of — serving hot beverages.

In a suit filed on Friday in Brooklyn Supreme Court, the mother of an infant son says she caused “serious injuries” to her child at a local Starbucks because her cup of tea was “improperly served.”

The plaintiff’s story goes like this. In Oct. 2009, she and her 5-month-old were at the counter at Stabucks waiting for their order. When her cup of tea was placed on the counter, she went to take a sip. But she claims the cup was so hot she dropped it, spilling some of the steamy fluid on her own child.

“This cup was improperly served, and that’s the reason my client dropped it on her baby,” explains her lawyer, who says the tea should have been in a tray and served with an insulating sleeve.

This not-at-all-frivolous lawsuit is the second such legal action taken against Starbucks in just a few months. Back in May, we told you about the NYC man who “suffered great pain and mental anguish” over his run-in with a hot cup of Starbucks tea.

For all Starbucks tea buyers: I would like to recommend carrying an Ove Glove with you at all times. Just don’t get it wet, because, well then you might have to sue someone.

Brooklyn mom sues Starbucks over scalding tea that burned infant son [NY Post]

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