How Much Would You Tip This Dedicated Domino's Driver?

On Sunday, people in sections of Charleston, SC, were up to their knees in flood water. But that didn’t deter this driver for Domino’s Pizza from making his deliveries.

According to the driver, when confronted with an 18-inch deep river of water between him and his destination, he ditched his shoes and to deliver the order of two medium pies and a 2 liter of soda.

The driver was rewarded with a $4 tip for his efforts, but says that’s nothing compared to the tip he was once offered while making a delivery to a local frat house.

“My craziest tip was when I delivered to a frat house and they had a stripper” he tells the Charleston City Paper, adding that he turned down the offer. “I got invited in, but it was like 3’oclock in the afternoon, you know?”

PHOTO: Pizza guy delivers despite the flood [Charleston City Paper]

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