Jamba Juice To McD: Suck On Our Cheeseburger Smoothies

To fight back at McDonald’s jumping in on its smoothie game, Jamba Juice has launched a new line of “Cheeseburger Chill Smoothies.”

Let not your delicate stomach linings be discomfited, it’s only a parody campaign, a ballsy bit of brand warfare meant to flip off McDonald’s for encroaching on Jamba Juice’s territory.

To thank you for “being in on the joke,” Jamba Juice is also giving away $1 off coupons for their smoothies. But after watching that cheeseburger get pureed, I think they should also throw in a $1 off Pepto Bismol coupon.

Jamba Juice to McDonald’s: You Selling Smoothies is Just as Crazy as Us Blending Cheeseburgers [Fast Company] (Thanks to David!))

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