McDonald's Pulls Plug On Planned Smoothie Giveaway

If you had planned on taking advantage of McDonald’s planned giveaway of samples of their new line of smoothies, you’re out of luck. Perhaps in an attempt to avoid a debacle like the Oprah/KFC clusterf*ck from last year, the Golden Arches has preemptively pulled the plug on the event to avoid shortages.

McDonald’s launched the McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies last week in many markets and had slated a nationwide sample giveaway for July 22-24 to promote the new product.

But — and this could all be a clever PR move by the titans of Oak Brook, IL — the company is now claiming that the drinks are already so popular that the sampling would cause a run on the fruity beverages.

Says a guy who probably named his children Big Mac and McDLT:

The McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies are an absolute hit with our customers, and we’re experiencing unprecedented demand for this delicious new choice on our menu.

According to news reports, McD’s is considering rescheduling the promotion.

McDonald’s cancels smoothie giveaway []

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